Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Camp Journal #3

Angus' first zit. I'm so proud.

Yesterday was the perfect summer day. Stellar.
It started with a milestone - I picked my son's first zit. My baby's growing up. It was on his forehead, all puffed and putrid, and had been percolating for a while under all his hair. I happened to spot it just before breakfast and fevered wanting stole into my eyes. I grabbed him before he knew what was happening and, splotch, it was nothing but a gooey mess on my fingertips.
I wiped my fingers on his shirt and had breakfast.
Angus says it looks like the bacon is picking Dave's nose. Really, Gus?
Breakfast is always better when Dave cooks it. He is the Camp Breakfast Cook and does bacon, eggs and pancakes better than anybody. Yesterday it was pancakes... it's pancakes with raspberries picked from a bush on our campsite... mmmmm....
Arriving at the beach - look at those waves!
Note: we're all still white here.
Yesterday was The Perfect Summer Day.
Perfect. No other word.
It was hot, sunny and breezy, which made for perfect waves rolling in on the beach from Lake Huron. Check out the colour of that water. It is SO beautiful. This is as close to the Caribbean as anybody gets in Ontario without a plane ticket.
Gus goes for a walk along the beach.
Sam plays in the sand.
Dave was the only one smart enough to sit under an umbrella.
Megan (our friend's daughter) and Sam give Angus a "pedicure."
Yup, it was a perfect summer day.
We got back to the trailer like slow-moving slugs, all windburnt and sunburnt and deep fried.
Angus' legs are sunburnt. Sam's face is red. Dave's neck is red, but what else is new (!) and I'm wearing a permanent shadow of my bathing suit. My lips are also sunburnt. I got an Angelina Jolie thing going on. Only it looks good on her.
Dinner was pulled pork on a bun - I had it simmering in the crock pot overnight in BBQ sauce. Mmmm.... we pared it up with new potatoes and a tossed salad... oh, and Tylenol for dessert.
Afterwards we gathered at our friends the Pesky Raneys for some quiet conversation around the campfire. We had planned on euchre but we were too tired to hold the cards.
By 10:30 p.m. we were in bed, slathered in sunburn stuff, dreaming of another perfect day.


  1. lol. That's awesome, chica! You can't beat days like that. :)

    When you're done playing in the sun...Ahem...stop by my seedy little rag. I have something for you.

    Have fun! Hugs! :)

  2. Such greats pics... Congrats on the zit. Tell him girls won't be too far behind...

  3. Perfect day, good times and making wonderful memories. Life doesn't get any better than that!
    Say, how did you get the captions under the photos?
    When you get back, you'll have to give me a lesson.
    Oh, and as for Angus' first zit; tell him to sell tickets to see it. A good moneymaker for a new game!

  4. Such a great post. Idyllic way to spend the summer. Your pictures are really beautiful.

    And the only thing better than bacon and camping is picking at your kids. :)

  5. "Tylenol for dessert" - oh, ow. Hope you guys aren't peeling.

    Oldest (7!) has a pimple brewing on his nose. It makes me very very sad. Sad that he's growing up, and sad that he didn't get his father's perfect complexion.

    And it totally looks like Dave is shoving that piece of bacon up his nose :-)


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