Monday, May 2, 2011

Get Lost!

Handsome Jack Layton

Man, you go away for four days of fishing and the whole world changes.
Kate and Will got married? Seriously? I never saw that coming.
Osama Bin Laden was killed? Wow, I thought he was already dead. I know, I have got to start watching the news more often.
And today is Election Day in Canada. Big surprises happening in the polls. I gotta hand it to the handsome and spunky Jack Layton, the fellah nobody was taking too seriously, but who is now kicking some serious Conservative butt in the polls. That big news developed while I was away, too.
But the biggest news was Casey Abrams got kicked off American Idol. WTF, people? Oh well. Whatever. James Durbin is gonna win it; he deserves to win it. I loved Casey but love is fickle (just ask my ex) and now I love James.
Did I mention my son wants to dye his hair blue?
I came home, checked my e-mail, and there's a proclamation from Angus on facebook that he's dying his hair blue. When I saw it, the post was 19 hours old. I was on the phone faster than you can say "freaked out."
I was gonna be so cool, talking to him about it.
The second he picked up the phone and said, "Hello," I was like, "DID YOU DYE YOUR HAIR BLUE?"
The answer was no but I think he's gonna do it.
He has such nice blonde hair and blue eyes. I don't think it would be handsome if his hair was bluer than his eyes. He might as well wear plaid plants with a striped jacket.
I do have real news to talk about from the blogging world.
First of all, I got a fabulous package in the mail from Umbrella Lady Kathy. IT'S SO CHOICE! I'll show you my gorgeous stuff later, as I can't find the cord to my camera. But thank-you Kathy! It is SO lovely!
And there's big news over on The Rock with Alan W. Davidson and Laurita Miller. The two talented Newfoundland writers are co-hosting a short story contest, Lost on the Rock, with entries due May 8.

For contest details, go here.

For prize details, go here.

On the one hand I'm reluctant to tell you guys about the contest because you're all way better writers than me and the prizes are really, really good.
On the other hand, I love Laurita and Alan and want to help spread the word about their contest.
So, get busy! You've only got a week to write the story.
Geez, I've gotta take my own advice... Lost... Rock... hmmmm... all I can think of is Lost on the Rocks... a new Newfoundland cocktail.


  1. Well you are all caught up on current events now so you can concentrate on being Lost on the Rock. Couldn't they have called it Rocking the Rock?

  2. Why not write a story about your son dying his hair blue, meeting Opportunity through a fluke encounter, and getting a big role in a movie, minus the blue hair? I mean, seriously - a light-hearted extension of what you wrote here!

  3. I like Kittie's idea...Angus 'Lost' his blonde hair...

    Yeah, the world has turned upside down the past few days. Will be watching the polls closely (and voting) tonight. Everyone get out and vote..for somebody...for anybody. Don't sit on the sidelines!

    (PS...thanks for that great contest pimpage, Cathy. Remember the guest room is still here fore when you guys get out for a visit...)

  4. I'll have a Lost on the Rocks...with a twist. ;)

    I'm off to vote shortly. Who to choose, who to choose.

    Angus with blue hair, eh? Promoting the upcoming smurf movie? At any rate, it could be worse. He could be asking for a tattoo. Yikes!

    Glad you're back. Catch anything?

  5. Thanks for the public service announcements. I noted L&A's contest and then spaced it. How was the fishing?

  6. Blue hair's okay. Looked good on my son for a while. Now it's all short and proper.

  7. So, did you catch any fish?

  8. You're cute when you get this lost, Cathy, heh.

    Oh, btw, thanks for the shout out of the contest. I had missed Alan's and Laurita's posts. My brain has been stolen this weekend and I just got it back, so... ;P

  9. You are so welcome, Cathy! It was well deserved!
    Jack Layton looks an awful lot like my husband...except, of course, my hubby is the much better looking...
    My daughter once had yellow dreadlocks...I just had to remember that I loved her and like everything, it too will pass. It did. Good luck with blueboy! It is just hair afterall!


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