Friday, October 1, 2010

Newfoundland In A Day

Can you cross a province in a day? Yes. Should you? No. Following the
Trans-Canada Highway is no way to see the country but it certainly moves
you quickly from one place to another. We started yesterday out with a
fabulous, and I mean fabulous, breakfast at the St. Christopher's Hotel
in Port Aux Basques. Homemade beans. Homemade toast. Perfect eggs.

Dave woke to the foghorn in Port Aux Basques. No, it wasn't me snoring
or yapping - it was the foghorn, literally. The fog was thick as pea soup in
the harbour at Port Aux Basques and was thick in varying spots as we
made our way across The Rock.

The Table Mountains rose out of the mist, turning everything into a
picture post card.

The beans gave us gas, yes, but it wasn't the kind we needed for the car.
We've been spending much time and money at gas stations. This one was
particularly scenic. Just outside of Port Aux Basques, it boasted a couple
of friendly old farts who were chatting about moose hunting. They
wanted to go but the wives had other plans for them and they only had tags
for 42. 42 moose, I asked? Dave said no, it was the zone.

Near Corner Brook. The scenery was stunning.

At Joey's Lookout.

Love bugs.

Check out the washout! This was at Joey's Lookout, not far from Terra Nova National Park.
It was the worst damage we've seen so far from Hurricane Igor. Not only did it
cause this deep crevice down the side of the hill, it also took out the culvert and
the pavement on the Trans Canada Highway. It was all fixed up by the time
we arrived, thank goodness.

Joey Smallwood was the Father of Confederation in Newfoundland, the man credited
for bringing this province into the Canadian fold. He then became a longtime
and very popular Premier of Newfoundland - one of the most popular
politicians in Canadian history.

Dave's nose.

A broken culvert at another spot along the Trans Canada; this one in Terra
Nova Provincial Park. There were several spots along the highway
where construction crews had to repair Igor's damage.

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again,
making music with my bean-eating friends,
who just can't wait to get on the road again.


  1. I love that stretch of highway, especially through the park (although there is some sloooow traffic there). Can't wait to see you today!

  2. Great photos, scenery is spectacular!
    The monument of Joey Smallwood reminded me of similar ones for Saddam Hussein. Not that there are any parallels between those two men. However there is some similarity between Dave's nose and Joey's nose.
    Lovin' this pictorial Honeymoon trip with you two!

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