Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Auntie Ellen's Beaver Ending

Me, Auntie Ellen and my son, Angus, at the wedding. I love this photo! (Taken by Erin Monett)

Is it odd to be 50 years old and still think of someone as "Auntie?"
Yeah, well, I'm odd, I guess. Cause my mom's oldest sister will always be Auntie Ellen in my books.
This is Auntie Ellen:
Stylish. Slender. Sophisticated. She always looks elegant. Her make-up is just so. She makes clothes look good on her, all clothes; possibly even potato sack clothes.
Artistic. Talented. She makes her own greeting cards and they are fabulous. 
Not Pregnant. Finally. With seven children, Auntie Ellen spent a great deal of time pregnant. I don't think she's pregnant now, although sometimes Uncle Ted does get that gleam in his eye.
Two Quick Stories About Auntie Ellen:
1. When she was young, she lived on a dairy farm in Buttonville, Ontario, and her lovely sisters (my mom, Dot, and her sidekick, Mary) loaded up sticks with fresh manure and flung it at her. Nice, huh? My dear, sweet mother. 
2. When she was married with a herd of kids running around, she had new kitchen cupboards put in. One day one of her children spilled beet pickle juice on the new (unfinished yet) wood. I haven't seen those cupboards in years but I do believe they are still partially purple. I also have a feeling my cousin's arse is still the same purplish shade.
The other day I got an e-mail from my cousin Kelly (not the one with the purple arse) who was passing on her mother's ending to my beaver saga. Auntie Ellen, you so missed the deadline for this contest. But because you're my Auntie Ellen, and always will be my Auntie Ellen, how can I refuse?
Without further adieu, then – Ellen Gough's Beaver Ending.

JUST THEN WE heard a loud rumble and the ground started to shake. "O my God" Vern said "we're having an earthquake!" Elizabeth froze on the spot - she was petrified! It seemed to last forever, all the quaking and shaking and re-arranging of the landscape - it was actually only a few seconds!!!

But once the dust had cleared and Vern and Elizabeth decided they would live to see another day - they were amazed.

The river was peaceful once again and most of the trees were still standing. But over beyond the river and where the beaver pond had been there was a new huge pond, full of water, which had nothing to do with the culvert.

There were beavers swimming happily, and busily in their new pond. They had started already to build a new home where they would be snug and cosy all winter. Where they would be raising a new litter of kits who would greet us in the spring.

The road would be fixed and Elizabeth and Vern could get their vehicles back home and they could continue to watch their furry friends.

All was well with their world and the earthquake turned out to be a blessing in disguise!!!


  1. Thanks so much Cathy, and what you said about my mum was really lovely too, thank you for being such a generous, talented and wonderful woman!

  2. Great ending Aunt Ellen! A happy ending for all concerned! Now we just need Aunt Mary's take on it!

  3. A nice happy ending for the beavers. How sweet that your auntie Ellen wrote an ending. What a fun family you have.

  4. Way to go Ellen. A great ending. Cathy should,nt tell all the bad things we did. but it was fun!!!!


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