Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Got A Cold For Christmas!

I got a cold, lost my voice and Dave's fondest wish came true: a yap-free Christmas.
Too sick to go to my Mom's for the Robb family gathering. Too sick to go to the Raneys for the Friend family gathering. Too sick to try out my new cross-country skis.
Still, what Christmas I did have was pretty good. Here's a photographic rundown of some of it. You'll notice that I look insanely unattractive in all photos, that I have the fattest legs in the universe and am, frankly, sick of caring about it. That's who I am, take me or leave me.
Christmas started with such promise this year. It was our turn to have the kids so I was determined to pull out all the stops with baking, cooking, decorating and fun. Dave and I have been working like demented beavers for weeks, thus no time for blogging.
Christmas Eve we woke up early and we bustled about, getting the turkey in the oven, peeling potatoes, making my Mom's famous Yellow Jellied Salad and trying to calm the kids down. Sam was crazy hyper, crawling around the tree and scoping out all the presents. Angus was trying hard to be an obnoxious 13-year-old, hurting my feelings cause I was excited but he got over it eventually and started having fun.
Late morning we drove an hour north to Dave's mom's house, where we visited with her, Aunt Edna, Dave's brother Max and members of his family. After we left Dave was looking forward to some quality time with Alice and Edna and then, surprise, Dave's ex-wife and her mom showed up for a visit.
Awkward? Uh huh. We were all on our best behaviour, though, as we always are. I made her a coffee and we talked about dogs.
I gobbled up some of Alice's delicious squares and got some coconut or something stuck in my throat. It was really irritating and wouldn't wash away. As the afternoon progressed, the irritation developed into a full-fledged sore throat. Stupid coconut, I thought, on the way home.
Leah and Vic were joining us for Christmas this year and they were already there when we got back. The house looked so Christmassy and cheerful. I had warned them not to eat anything all day because we had a feast ready by 5:30. We ate like fiends. And then ate some more!
Then we all curled up on the couch to watch the 1971 classic The Homecoming, the precursor to The Waltons. It is absolutely my favourite Christmas special and Patrician Neal is awesome as the mother, way better than that tenderhearted Michael Learned. Then we popped the tired children into bed and settled in for some euchre.
By that time, though, I was starting to feel really sick. Feverish, excruciatingly sore throat, phlegm settling into my chest. I had to call the night quits early when I had looking forward to some kick-ass card-playing. Oh well. Leah and Vic took the couch. Me and Dave went to bed and everyone settled in for a long winter's nap.
Dave had warned the kids they were not to be out of bed before 7 a.m. At 6:59 Sam came into our room and pointed to the alarm clock, after about an hour of sitting up in bed and sighing heavily. Ten-year-olds are so cute, aren't they?
Present-opening was big fun. I got lots of great stuff, including a new red down-filled coat and an electric can opener - don't laugh; with arthritis settling into my one hand so bad I can barely open cans anymore.
Dave made bacon and french toast with cinnamon for breakfast and afterwards everyone went outside for a little fresh air. What a gorgeous, sunshiny day it was! Dave, Angus and Sam tried out their new skis. I wish I could have, but I was too sick by that point. I put on my boots and my coat and went outside for a few minutes but then went back in and let everyone else have fun.
Leah and Vic left around lunchtime – they had a dinner engagement with friends up north. And then Dave took the boys to their father's. I had a little cry, feeling sorry for myself being left alone and sick. I had to phone up my mom and tell her we wouldn't be coming over. I was way too sick for that and she didn't want my germs. All the rest of the family would be there, however, and I envied them the terrific meal they would have, Mom's incredible Christmas carrot pudding, the gift exchange and the socializing.
I laid on the couch for the rest of Christmas Day, watching movies and slathering myself with Vick's.
Today we were supposed to go to South River to spend time with Richard and Tammy and their family but, again, I am just too sick.
Oh well. Things could be worse. I do have my sweetie waiting on me hand and foot and cleaning up the Christmas mess single-handed. It's another gorgeous day and the chickadees are bopping around the feeder, sharing sunflower seeds with blue jays and red squirrels.
There are cookies to eat and movies to watch and it's kinda nice not to worry about getting dressed.
That was my Christmas.
How was yours?

Sam had the honour of topping the tree.
Christmas Eve dinner: Angus tries his first taste of champagne;
Sam pretends he's drunk.

Leah pontificating (check out the finger); Vic laughing at her. 
Stuffing and giggles and funny hats. 
The fearsome threesome. 
Yes, I was too sick to do dishes. (heh, heh) 
We put Misty's Santa-dog dress on our cat, who wasn't amused.

Sam stole my monkey sock hat.
Since the cat was wearing Misty's santa dress (a gift from Leah and Vic),
we dressed Misty in her tu-tu.
Sam was having a great time outside. He and Gus love their new skis. 
He's such a cutie in my hat and his new coat and mitts.
Angus is an avid and talented downhill skier so he thought cross-country
would be a little lame - HA! He wiped out after this pic was taken.
This is him sliding down the septic tank hill. Poo Hill, we call it.
Time to go. Everyone hugs everyone.  Angus and Vic.
Angus and Leah.
Leah and Vic with their "hubby," Dave.


  1. Awww. A sore throat for Christmas? Sadface. It's a good thing super hubby was there to take care of you. Looks like everyone had fun, despite the germs. Hope your new year is cold free.

  2. Love the shark hat on the little one. Nertz to all colds and I hope by visiting your blog I don't catch it! feel Better- at least you're smiling!

  3. sorry monkey-sock, looks like a shark from way down here.

  4. ((((hugs)))) and here's some cyber chicken soup for you! Love the pics, though. And hope you find some feel-better cheer stuck in the tow of your stocking. Peace...

  5. It looks like the Christmas affair was a success (if you remove your sickness from the scenario...)

    It's so snowy there! A rare green Chrismas here on The Rock. Thanks for sharing the pics, Cathy! The cat and dog look cute in their outfits and some does indeed look cute in the monkey hat (though Michael is right...if you remove the ears it would kinda look like the shark).

    Sending 'get-well' vibes to the snowy, middle-of-nowhere in Ontario.

  6. I hope you are on the mend by now Cathy. We had a good day, but missed you & Dave & the boys! Our misc. gift exchange just wasn,t the same with you not here. I,m sorry Cathy but I ate your share of Christmas pudding for dinner last nite. Take care & get better, & enjoy News Years!!!!! Love Mom

  7. I'm sorry you got sick but it sounds like you made the most of it. In the pictures everyone is having fun and where you live looks like the perfect place for Christmas. Hope you are on the mend and raring to go by New Years Eve!

    Happy Happy Merry Merry!

  8. Hope you're doing better. And take glucosamine for the arthritis everyday, even twice a day. It really helps.

  9. Except for the crummy cold, the outlaws, arthritis, and missing out on mom's home cooking it sounds like you had a great Christmas. At least the pictures are nice. Hope you're feeling much better now. And despite the crummy cold - Merry Christmas.

    Oh, and cats are rarely amused.


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