Monday, December 6, 2010

Rant #3,467 - ARGGGGHHHHH

I was trying to find a picture that sums up my mood. This postal guy kinda comes close.

But it doesn't quite have the angst I desire.
This mother is sort of how I feel, only I wouldn't waste good hair at a time like this.
Besides, she's obviously not really upset. She's an actress, and a pretty bad one at that.

Now, Christian Bale, he's an actor, but he's a good one.
Even though I hear he's cranky on set. Hey, I'm cranky all the time, set or no set.
Christian, I can relate, my blood-spattered friend.

Still, as angry as that photo of Christian is, it's not as freaked out as I feel.
This monster is a little closer to the screaming heejies I feel busting out.

Obviously photoshopped, however.
Unlike the picture of this cat.

Of all the photos I've looked at, I think this one of the kid screaming pretty much sums up my foul mood. 

Oh yeah, baby. That's the ticket. That's me - only I'm older and fatter and wrinklier and, yes, MADDER, than this kid. RAWRRRRRRR!

So what's pissing me off?
You don't honestly want to know, do you?
You got your own pissers, your own problems – you come online to escape life's daily bullshit. I know for a fact you don't want to hear mine.
But sweet bloody jaysus, if it isn't your hormonal teenager driving you straight around the freaking bend, it's work. And if it ain't work, it damn sure is something else.
I need a Midol the size of an elephant turd.


  1. I posted this, and then I ate half a bag of fudge, and miraculously I feel somewhat better. Or maybe it was the Midol kicking in. Who knows, but I'll take it.

  2. Chocolate. It fixes damned near everything.

  3. Well, I was in a turdy mood myself but your post made me feel better.

    Dang, all I needed was a Cathy O Webster!

    Very funny, and here's a HUGE hug to help you get from mad to glad. Peace...

  4. I'm guessing work because I read your post about work in my reader that you didn't post. :)

    *gives you a hug and hands you more chocolate*

  5. Chocolate fixes everything! I hope with some hours and some sleep behind you things are calmer and brighter. :)

  6. I'll ALWAYS want to hear about it.

  7. Well you know it's the time of year when you better not shout, you better not pout, you better not cry and I'm pretty sure you better not get pissed off either.

  8. Mmmmm....fudge....don't fret, I'm sure the kid will snap out of it (Say it like Cher, but with the slapping as well!)

  9. Well, here you go:

  10. I hope you got over whatever it was and nothing has taken its place yet. But sweet baby jaysus, that was funny! I love that crying kid.


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