Thursday, October 20, 2011

Momma Bear, the eff word and other crappy subjects

Maybe eating Fibre 1 for breakfast isn't the best idea when you've had the poops for two weeks.
I'm having a Crohn's flare-up, or something. I can't get through the day without a fistful of Imodium. I know. You don't want to hear this. Trust me, I don't want to live it. Life is just shitty that way sometimes.

Speaking of stink, it's raining like stink outside. It's been raining for two weeks solid. The only good thing about this much rain is it makes you appreciate blue sky when you see it.

Just got off the phone with the vice-principal of my son's high school. I had a mouthful of Fibre 1 when I answered so I was all muffley and "bl-hell-umph-o," like that. He sounded confused at first. But it was 7:45 a.m. and I'm still in my nightie, the pink one with "Best Mom" on it that I bought for myself because my children are boys and they wouldn't set foot in a women's lingerie department. So there was a big hullaballoo yesterday morning. I was in the same Best Mom nightie (no, I never wash it, never), drinking my coffee, recovering from my latest trip to the bathroom, when I spotted this boy talking trash to my son on Facebook. This Grade Nine person must be an english major because he used the eff word extremely creatively as he invited me son to the high school parking lot at high noon to show how effing tough he is.

I'm sure he just wanted to have tea with my son. Maybe discuss the use of the eff word in modern literature, something like that. Because he insisted, in a later FB blurb, that he had no plans to beat the crap out of my son.

Apparently my son, who I love but who isn't perfect, much like his mother and the entire rest of the human population, said some very mean things to a young girl. My son said she had said mean things to him first. So we had a big discussion about not saying mean things to anyone, anyone at ALL, but especially not to a girl because, well, if you ever hope to have a lasting relationship with a woman, talking trash to them is not going to win them over. So this other kid was coming to the girl's defence, like a knight in shining armour, ready to take a round out of my son to defend her honour. Which, you know, is admirable in a way. The girl probably really appreciated it. Hey, if my husband wanted to take a round out of someone for talking bad to me, I'd appreciate it. (In a big way. Like, he'd be smiling for a week afterwards.) But I really couldn't have some kid beating up my son in the parking lot, could I? I mean, I'm his mother. It's my job to defend my children. Not just my job, my calling. I love them and, while I respect the knight in shining armour's decision to defend the girl, I can't have him laying a thumping on my offspring.

So I copied the entire conversation onto a text document and e-mailed it to the principal and then the vice-principal had both boys in for a separate visit and straightened them out. At least, I hope it's straightened out. The last thing I want is more anger, more retribution. The thing about kids today, the thing about Facebook and texting, is it's all there for the record. It's not like the old days when you could threaten someone verbally and then deny it ever happened because there was no evidence. When you threaten someone on Facebook, it's there for the world to see. You can delete it, sure, but if someone (like me) has already copied it and pasted it somewhere else, you're euchred.

And the way kids talk on Facebook? Unbelievable! The things that come out of their mouths is reprehensible. Why do they talk like that? It's disgusting! Is this something they're going to grow out of or is this next generation going to live life verbalizing like sailors? When they're grandparents, are they going to talk to their grand-babies that way? "C'mere you effing cute effer, sit your effing arse up here on your effing grandma's effing knee, you effing effer-snapper."

Anyway, that was my day yesterday. The vice-principal called this morning just to catch up and fill me in on the details, which was nice. And it was nice that he caught me in between trips to the bathroom. Tomorrow I go to the hospital for my Crohn's treatment, which is a very good thing. Cause life is too short to be this shitty.


  1. Sorry to hear you are suffering from Crohns. I have a friend in the Barrie area who suffers terribly with it.
    This seems to be the day for worrying about our youth. Cro has a post up about it and I ran into a "youth" yesterday myself. Maybe we should all put our heads together and come up with something creative.

  2. I'm effing sorry to hear you're effing ill. Hope you effing feel effing better soon!
    Have an effing glorious day!
    *effing hugs for you*

  3. Oh kids. I hope it is all sorted out. And what is it with the eff word? We were sitting behind a bunch of teen on the ferry last week and one of them used it for every second word (quite creatively) but the people sitting around him were not impressed. I don't even think he knew he was doing it. Sigh.

    Feel better, Lovely.

  4. Sounds like you had quite the morning, and I think you did the right thing.

  5. So effing sorry about your effing Crohn's. Seriously. But the youth stuff. Sigh. I dunno, but it seems once my son hit 12 I've been in a constant state of anxiety. Is it the hormones?

    The best day of my year was when my son got pissed off about the privacy breaches on fb and stopped his account.

    Feel better, and you are a GREAT MOM! peace...

  6. As with all others here, sincerely hope you are feeling better very soon. As for kids - I think I had a fairly easy ride, although my son has rocked the boat a few times more than I'd like. Trouble is, one day it might be 'language' but in a few years it'll be 'not able to get/keep a job' or they have kids of their own that you will still worry about! Parenthood - it never ends, just the level of crisis changes! :-/

  7. Oh, honey. I'm so sorry about the crappy Crohn's. It's always something, right? When was the last time you can remember a nice big space of a quiet, even-keeled, mundane, boring time? Ya know...where when you can honestly answer the question, "What have you been doing?" with the answer, "Nothin'."

    As for your son and that boy (spit, spit)...thank gawd that you DID get it in writing. You do have to wonder about the intelligence of someone who would put a threat in writing, though.

    As for the cursing, I think they do it 'cause it's taboo. And because they're boys. And (of course) because they're stupid. I can say this, 'cause I have boys...

  8. feel better, I know one or two people with Chron's and it aint easy.

  9. Hi Cathy, sorry to hear of your troubles, especially the Crohns. That is rough stuff. As for the the father of a boy and two girls, all in their early 20's it gets better. Well no not really, but I thought that might perk you up. I think you handled it properly and I it sounds like the school did too. All too often these days parents call the police first and that just adds a whole new dimension to the issue. I know that people will disagree with me about that, but I sometimes I think we are all too quick to call the cops! They tend to make teenage issues criminal type issues, which is good sometimes, not so good other times. Of course, as we all know, these days it seems like you never know who you are dealing with, and crazy, terrible things can and do happen. However, sounds like this one may have resolved. I hope so. I enjoy your blog, and read it as often as possible. Keep it up.


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