Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cutest Moose Picture EVER

This is the cutest moose picture I have ever seen. Ever!
I found it on Canadian Roadstories but the photo was taken by Ontario Parks staffer Jill Worthy.
I showed it to big, tough, macho Dave and his face melted and he said, "Awwwwwwwwww."
I sort of thought the mooselet on the left looked like a bunny wabbit and the one on the right like a puppy dawg. (Click on the photo for biggie size moose twins.)
Ontario is renowned for its fabulous provincial park system and we spend every chance we get camping in places like Algonquin, Inverhuron, Balsam and Killbear. In two short weeks we'll be enjoying our annual Canada Day long weekend at Lake of Two Rivers, one of Algonquin's most popular camping spots. And then, a couple weeks later, we'll be going to Killarney, one of the most beautiful parks in the province and the inspiration for many Group of Seven paintings.
I have been in a fabulous mood for a few days because I've been working on my novel and I am actually LOVING what I'm doing.
(As an aside, it takes a great deal of courage to call my WIP a novel because it sounds so pretentious. I realized that's ridiculous so I've been practising saying 'my novel-my novel-my novel' and it seems to be inspiring confidence.)
I thought I'd tell you that because usually I'm whining about writing. Not today, though. Today I was on cloud nine all day, just bubbling with the thrill of finishing Chapter Four with great plans for Chapter Five and beyond.
I sent a wee bit of it to my good friend Lou Freshwater, who is also a famous and fair editor (who is looking for work, btw), hoping for a little feedback and, I am happy to report, SHE LOVED IT!!!
*picture me dancing in my pink pajamas*
In fact, I'm so happy about my writing that I don't even CARE that Vancouver is CHOKING at the Stanley Cup Final.
No, don't care at all.
Not one ... bit.
*runs sobbing hysterically from the room*


  1. Very cute picture. And I am happy to hear you are cruising along with your NOVEL. Say it aloud a few more time. You are a writer, so don't hold back!

  2. Those are the cutest mooses ever. Glad you are clicking with your novel!

  3. Thanks Susan and Harry!!!
    I just watched the news this morning and wanted to say I am shocked and appalled at the rioting in downtown Vancouver as a result of the Canucks' loss. I sincerely hope the idiots who did this are arrested and pay heavily for their crimes. There is just no excuse for their stupidity. And honestly? The Bruins were the better team throughout the series and they deserved the win. Congratulations to Boston and their Bruins - it's been a long time since 1972 and these boys deserved the Stanley Cup.
    As for rioting fans in Vancouver? I'm glad you lost. Now, pay up for all the damage you caused.

  4. How sweet is that? Moose twins.
    Actually don't care that Vancouver lost. At least one of the original six teams won.

  5. There's a Newfie joke about seeing a baby moose, but I'm not going to tell it. ;) That is absolutely adorable. I have to show it to the kids.

    Congrats on the novel progress. I can't wait to have my author signed copy.

  6. Hi Cathy,
    We found out later Jill Worthy apparently did not take picture but it is indeed an Ontario Parks pic. Apparently moose twins are not uncommon. Sometimes, moose are known to have triplets too. We were absolutely taken by this shot. Just back from Algonquin Park where I saw three moose, fox, what I think was either a wolf or coyote, two massive snapping turtles and beaver. One of the moose was a young male. Probably about 2 years old but no twins. Thanks for linking to our CANADA blog at Much appreciated.

  7. That is a nice pic Cathy. They are pretty cute moose. They do have that puppy dog / rabbit look to them and the light colouring is cool. :)

    That's also great news about the Novel, that it's going well for you now. When you were talking earlier about your book and not liking it or the characters and where it was heading I was a little worried.

    I'm very glad that you've found new inspiration and love for the writing process again. I Love the stuff you write on here so I can only imagine what your truly refined work will be like.

    Looking forward to the Novel... when's it coming out? :D

  8. It's definitely hard/weird to call your WIP your novel. I have finally reached the point where I'm able to call myself a writer (not an author) and my WIP my book. Congratulations on your novel progress! And thanks for the cute moose picture. We've had a couple moose stragglers wander through Colorado, but they aren't an animal typically found around here.

  9. Cathy, I'm so glad to hear you're riding a 'writing high'. Enjoy every minute of it.

  10. Woohoo! Your novel, your novel, your novel! I can't wait to hear what you've been working on. Less than one week to go...

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