Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nine-and-a-half pounds

I had the most amazing day yesterday. One of those perfect days where everything goes right and "Suddenly I See" by KC Tunstall (above) is the theme song for your life.
I joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago but didn't get to weigh in last week because Monday was a holiday in Ontario and there was no meeting. I stayed on track like a saint for those two weeks and was excited about going to last night's meeting, hoping I lost at least four pounds.
But nope. I lost nine-and-a-half pounds! I got on the scale and Darlene, my weigher-in lady, stumbled a bit when she calculated the loss. Me? I WHOOPED! I mean, WHOOPED! People stared and smiled and congratulated me. I got a silver "bravo" star. I felt AMAZING.
Then I came home and saw a bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. Dave had bought me flowers! "No matter how you made out at your meeting I thought these would put a smile on your face." Awww! Poor baby, he wasn't feeling good, either. I made us a healthy chicken and veg supper and he went to bed.
Then the second amazing thing happened: I sat down at my computer and wrote nearly 1,400 words on my novel.
Nine-and-a-half pounds and 1,400 words! I was so excited when I went to bed that I could hardly sleep! I still feel like it's Christmas this morning! There are not enough exclamation points for how good I feel!
Some of the old birds at the meeting sniffed a little at my big weight loss. "She's new," they said to each other. "It's always easiest the first few weeks." Hey, they're absolutely right. The first few weeks is all water as your shocked body starts to release its death grip on all the fat that's been laying claim to you and yours. The hard part in weight loss is several months down the road when every half pound loss is a victory and you're bored of the food and your enthusiasm has waned. That is true. I've been there. I know. Still. NINE-AND-A-HALF POUNDS! I feel like anything is possible right now. I can see a thinner version of myself. It's all within my grasp. The light switch in my head has snapped to "healthy" and I'm going with the flow.
As for the novel, wow, I am making great progress. This is the most and the best writing I've done in my life. I have struggled with my own self-worth as a writer for too long, mulling over whether it is possible instead of buckling down and doing it. Every time I turn away from my project I worry if I have what it takes to get back on it and write more. I swear, it's even harder than the diet. Both, I'm realizing, are lifestyle decisions. I am healthier. I am writing. I can do this.
Thanks to Tammy and Lou for inspiration on both counts. oxoxo


  1. Yay for you!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray.

  2. Kick-ass weight loss, lady! And congratulations on the productivity. So even if our work isn't lean, we can be!

  3. Have you considered that maybe those 9 1/2 lbs translated into words? You will soon be skinny with a completed MS!

  4. What to go Cathy! Neither is easy, so happy for you!

  5. Congrat, Cathy! I'm sure that as each day passes your confidence will grow in both writing and in the weight watcher's endeavour. Thumbs up to many more days like that.

    I must confess that when I read the title of your post the first image that popped into my head was the boy sitting in the bathroom (and he wasn't writing a monologue...)


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