Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slife Five

Slife = Slice of Life
A weekly bit showing our daily world, 
shared with online friends to get to know one another better

8 a.m. Out of the front door and heading to work. Has it really been a week since the last Slife? At the rate time is moving, I'm going to be 95 and dead before the week is out. Speaking of old, look at the icicles growing out of our roof. One is so long it reaches the front deck. 

8:02 a.m. I pause to watch the chickadees having breakfast at the feeder that Dave made. We call it the Squirrel Hotel.

8:03 a.m. I love the trees on our property. Especially in the winter, on a white cloudy day, the evergreens glow green against the snowy sky.

8:04 a.m. This pile of logs is like an iceberg: only the tip of the pile is visible: there's a whole lot of splitting, grunting and carrying underneath. The kids are not thrilled about splitting wood all summer but it's the way we heat our house so it's gotta be done. That doesn't mean I don't get tired just looking at it. We had these logs delivered last week.

2:15 p.m. I was waiting for my computer to do a song and dance today and so had nothing to do but stare at this self-portrait drawn by my then-eight-year-old son, Sam. I lost myself staring at the picture, not sure if I was missing him so badly it hurt, or if it was just his eyes, hypnotizing me. He has beautiful eyes, my Sam. Beautiful eyes for a beautiful spirit.

4:58 p.m. "Honey, I'm home!" Dave and I actually got home at the same time today, something that rarely happens. This is how my betrothed greeted me. This, after all the nice things I said about him at work today. Sheesh. By the way, that's my Dad's shirt he's wearing. I like it when he wears it. I hug him, hard, and I remember Dad wearing it, and it makes me happy.

6:35 p.m. We went back into town to do a little grocery shopping and then stopped in at Subway to pick up a couple subs for dinner. We brought 'em home, did a few chores, then sat down to watch Olympic updates, a bit of the hockey game between Russia and Canada (we kicked some vodka-sipping arse, we did... woo hoo!) and then settled in for the worst American Idol I've ever seen. Oh, next to last night, which, perhaps, was even worse. Man, everyone sucks this year. Just sucks! I don't want to be disloyal to Idol or anything but it was everything I could do not to shut the damn thing off and go the bed.

11:19 p.m. Speaking of bed, I'm heading that way. When you get to be as OLD as me you can't keep up with those Newfoundland whipper-snippers.

I know, it's whipper-snappers. 
Snippers is funnier, though.
And I always vote for funny.

Hugs to Slifers everywhere tonight. May your dreams be Kodachrome candy.


  1. Your slife posts make me wish I was THERE, tromping around your yard taking pictures, eatin subs, kickin back and watching the Olympics. *sigh*
    Lovely, cozy slife this week.

  2. Nice photos and commentary on your day. I agree totally with CJ.

    Thumbs up to the hockey and thumbs down to Idol as well. Out of 10 guys, only 2 or 3 were any ways impressive.

  3. Yay for slife! that last picture i stared at for like 3 minutes before i realized the foreground was the hood of a vehicle... i thought there were flood waters up to the vans tires... heh. i guess i shoulda slept longer today! your pics make winter look pretty and cozy - but i have to admit, i'm still eager for spring.

  4. Envious over your pile of logs. We heat with wood as well and we're just about out. Hmmmmm.....lives on Muskoka River......gone all day at work.....pile of logs unattended...hmmmmm.

  5. Floodwaters! Brooke! Give yer head a shake! We're up to our wazoos in snow around here! Debbie -- step away from the logs. I have a secret security camera posted on a tree, just waiting for scoundrels with winches and chains. Or should that be wenches with winches and chains?
    Hey, nothing's stopping ya CJ... put your thumb out and head south!
    Idol, eh... geez, what a disappointment. Alan, you and Mark could probably sing better than they do.


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