Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slife Two

Slife = Slice of Life:
A weekly bit showing our daily world, 
shared with online friends to get to know one another better.

Me, our old cat Ben and our dog Misty in front of a roaring fire on a cold day. Ben always looks depressed. Misty never does.

Our road, just off the main highway. It's so much prettier in the wintertime.

Our friends Lynda and Roger at Swiss Chalet in Huntsville. Faithful blog followers know we think Chalet Suisse is the best thing since sliced hen.

Quitting time at work.

Picking up some vegetables at the Independent grocery store.

Just about to cross the bridge in Bracebridge. Hmm... I wonder why they call it that?


  1. Because you want to 'brace' yourself before you cross the 'bridge' just in case... cause you never know...

  2. Ahhh. Not much to say, except I'm enjoying your slife. :) Oh, and Ben has the best expression I've ever seen on a cat.
    I should have some of my slife up tomorrow, today was withdrawn as tomorrow I will be oot and aboot.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, Cathy. Looks like you've got a good bit of snow (though far from a record, I bet).

  4. JSTASKN, Is that stove-pipe up to code? A couple of days ago I was going to blog about how there are two many grocery stores in Markham ... but now I see how forlorn the celery looks at the Indepentant ... so nevermind.

  5. Yes! In fact, above code! And it was just cleaned last weekend with very little creosote because we have a very good woodstove and we use dry wood and we know how to use it to prevent creosote build-up.
    Our celery looks forlorn?
    Now, I know BEN looks forlorn, but our celery?
    Geez, next time I'm shopping I'll have a word with it, try and perk it up a bit.

  6. whew ... thats a relief :-). Poor celery.

  7. And what a wonderful life it is living in Muskoka!

  8. your cats expression is priceless. it's as if he's saying "really? ho hum. *sigh*" hehe. love it.

  9. Great photos. Hooray Muskoka . We're tough, we can hang in. No roads? too bad. Snow? too bad...
    Love the photos!

  10. ah, love your pets :) and love your grocery store :)


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