Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Blackfly

I swear I am related to this woman.
Deb, over at My Great White North, just tickles me with her blog. Always funny, wry dialogue accompanied by funny, wry photos, usually of her dog, Lucy, and their escapades in the great white north. I don't know Deb, not personally, but I think we've become really good blog acquaintances and I sing her praises every chance I get.
Today, though, today she blew my socks off.
Deb posted my FAVOURITE song/video in the whole WORLD.
The Blackfly is a quintessential north Ontario favourite. It's been around, I dunno, for YEARS as a National Film Board short but the song was written in 1949 by a guy who was sent up north to do surveying and was overwhelmed by the nasty blackfly.
Do me, and yourself, a favour. Pour yourself a cuppa joe, go to Deb's blog and settle back for five minutes of BIG FUN!
Then come back and tell me what you thought!
Oh, and while you're visiting? You might want to peruse Deb's other offerings. I look forward to her stuff every single day. She is a little known treasure of this place we call Muskoka.
And Deb? Seriously, we have to have coffee some day.
Click HERE.


  1. The good old National Film Board of Canada. My cousin (from Huntsville) sings this all the time. Now I know where it came from. :)

    My favourite was always the Log Drivers Waltz.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Cathy. Glad you like the NFB short and song just as much as I do although the Log Drivers Waltz is a close contender.
    The Foley artist on the Blackfly short was a guy I went to high school with. Another Agincourt connection.
    I used to write a weekly column for Kim Good/Muskoka Sun for a few years. So while I've never met you, I have met folks you work with.
    One day we will have to meet over coffee and compare Agincourt/Muskoka notes.

  3. It was cute, definitely got a chuckle outta me!

    But then...I've been told I'm easily

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