Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fish Are Waiting

Tonight we stowed sleeping bags, marshmallows and deet.
Strawberry jam, Jiffy Pop and enough bacon to start a new pig.
Gasoline, lifejackets, paddles and an anchor that almost, but not quite, weighs as much as me.
Dog food, dog leash, pretty pink dog sweater, just because.
Mepps, dew worms and freshly strung poles.
Axe, pocket knife, compass, granola bars.
Cards, potato chips, high-test Coca-Cola. OK, and maybe some rum. Definitely some Bailey's for coffee.
And a book.
Tomorrow night we throw the boat on top of the Jibberty.
We hook up the trailer, and check the lights.
And run through the list, just one more time.
Thursday morning we wake up before the birds and migrate north, to Kiosk, to Algonquin, to the first trip of this new season, to fat lake trout and blackflies the size of rock bass.
To adventure and bliss.
But that is still two sleeps away.
There is still tonight.
And tonight a blue moon shines through the clouds, shines through the white pine, shines through my window.
It paints the face of my true love with soft light, and the face of my dreams with great expectations.


  1. Cathy, you paint such a relaxing picture by the time you get to the 'blue moon..."

    My fave line? 'pretty pink dog sweater, just because.'

  2. That sounds...beautiful minus all that nature stuff. Lmao! No, it sounds great. It's just that I'd rather spend the weekend in bed with my "true love"... and indoor plumbing... and no mosquitoes...and hot coffee... I'm such a girl, lol.

  3. Oh...man. I love camping! (and the line "enough bacon to start a new pig"--awesome)

  4. This makes me want to pack up right now. The last line is beautiful.

    I suddenly have a craving for Jiffy pop.

  5. Ditto everyone else. I've been tearing to get away and can't. Have a great time Cathy.

  6. this weekend it is raining Fri to Mon reported for Huntsville and surrounding area-keep warm and dry-

  7. Hey, my comment from this morning is gone...I made some sort of humorous remark about 'keeping the nudity to a minimum' or something like that on account of the black flies. Hmm...hope it's a great trip.

  8. Really?
    You commented?
    What the HELL is going on here?
    That's been happening to everyone, lately!
    I would never take your comment down.. well, I might, but I DOUBT it.
    Did you comment on my flash last week?
    Cause I don't see you... I thought... sniff... maybe you were avoiding me... sniff....


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