Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Beauty of Friendship

so small
is the world
when friends live there
a word a smile a laugh
decimate the miles
what would I do
for you my friends
what would I do
when you illuminate my world
so small now
so small
so big it crushes my chest
what would I do
what wouldn't I do?

Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. Today I'll help you if I can, because you bring pleasure into my life. You support me. You make me laugh. You inspire me. If there's anything I can help you with, I will.
Because I have faith that when tomorrow comes, and I need help, you'll be there for me.
Me, I'm in a good spot in life financially. If my computer died, I would go and buy another one. I wouldn't be happy about it, and it would definitely strain the milk on my credit card, but I could go out and buy another one if I had to.Right now one of my fellow writers needs a hand. Not a big hand... only enough money for a new computer since her's up and died last week.
I wasn't always that lucky. I've been plenty poor on my time on earth (journalists don't make a lot of coin - my dad was always asking me when I was going to get "a real job"). There have been plenty of times when I've had to borrow money just to pay the rent or put food on the table (thanks Mom).
Right at this moment, though, I'm ok.
Mari Juniper, though, isn't ok. She doesn't have the money to go out and buy a new laptop. $500 might as well be a million. With much embarrassment she posted a Paypal plea for her online friends to help her out. I can imagine it took a lot of guts for her to do that.
While she is putting on a brave face about how the campaign is going, I don't think it's going well at all. I'm surprised she hasn't met her $500 goal. I'm surprised she hasn't exceeded it.
Mari has always been one of the nicest people on the #fridayflash circuit. So supportive of so many writers!
Not just that, Mari also held a highly successful Zombie Luv contest last summer. Many writers took part and enjoyed the boost her contest gave them.
I say, for all the times Mari has visited your blog; for all the encouraging things she's said on Twitter; she deserves your help if you can possibly help.
I know, times are tough. Which is exactly why we need to stand behind each other.
Today it's Mari who needs our help.
Tomorrow it could be you.
And I know for sure that, if it was you, and I had the wherewithal, that I would help you.
You're my friend.
What wouldn't I do for you?


  1. This is an awesome post for a terrific friend who shares the love with so many people. If 100 people shared just $10 each, Mari would be at twice her goal...which she's not looking to do, folks.
    Go help her, please. I know Cathy has. I have too. Won't you help a zombie-girl out?

  2. You are so right, Cathy. Mari is a great friend and has always been so supportive. I am happy to help her out with a donation :-)

  3. OMG, here you come and make me cry again, Cathy. First it was your donation, and now this... Thank you so much!

    I'm trying to sound cheerful about the fundrainsing, but I have to be honest that it's thinning out. Thank you for standing up so generously on my behalf. I cannot put in words how much I appreciate what you're doing.

    Just one little comment. *ahem* I'm not imbarrassed by asking for help publically. A lifetime ago, I used to be too proud to do so, and I paid a dear price for my pride. I hold my head up, because I know it's the only solution I have now, and I'll be giving back something to everyone who cares enough to chip in and/or shout out. The price I'd pay to isolate myself would be too high. Finally, it's when you need people to shake their pockets or take action for you that you find who are the real friends. This is a bonus I'm taking from all this. I'm never going to forget you and the other real friends' support. <3

    Laura, thanks once again. I never doubted you'd be one of those dear friends I could count on. Oh, btw! I had the most amazing idea for your story. Do you think I can borrow Mr. Fluffy for a few paragraphs? *grins*

    2, thank you! Your donation comes with perfect timing! I was starting to worry I wouldn't achieve my goal. It's hard to hold a fundrainsing campain without getting annoying with all those "help" shout outs. *whew*

  4. Mari, I hope everyone reachs out and helps you. Best of luck!

  5. Hey, Mari-girl! Did go to PayPal to add to the cause. So sorry your computer decided to give up the ghost. Very rude of it!

    Anyway, hope your problem gets solved very soon. xxx

  6. Oh, love the poem, by the way!

  7. Mr Fluffy already has his bags packed for a stay in Italy...unfortunately, Jezebel is a stowaway. They are a package deal. Just have sardines and punch on hand and you'll be fine. I hope.

  8. I can't deal with Jezebel, Laura. Too scared of her...

    *thinks hard of a diversion*

    Oh, wait! Maybe Jonnhy would agree to keep her company for a few hours? Do you think if *he* gives her the sardines and punch he'll be fine? I'd like him in one piece at the end, you know? lol

    Mari'girl, I created a paypal donate button on my blog. Unfortunately it came out in Italian. -boo! The good part is that most people have paypal accounts, so *I hope* this was no problem.

    *heads off to try and change the button to English, just in case*

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. :)

  9. Cathy, your blog post made all the difference! I'm getting donations again. WOOT! :D

    Thank you! <3

  10. Yay! Donations! Yay!
    Hey - suggestion - you can get a PayPal widget to put on your blog that allows people to see the funds climbing... I saw one one someone else's blog a few days ago. People loved it! She has since taken it down or I would point you that way.

  11. She likes Johnny. He'll be in one piece. ;)
    Your Italian paypal button has a translate button of its own on the page, btw.

  12. This was the first I heard of Mari's plight. Hopefully that total will climb quickly now. I think a tally is a great idea.

  13. Cathy, your suggestion is fantastic! However, I couldn't find the paypal progress bar widget for blogger, only for wordpress. bleh Thanks anyway, it'd have been great!

    Laura, really? A few people got confused because the donate button was in Italian. I changed it to English but it seems that it's not working properly. Can you tell me where it is?

    Cool! I'll set to write your story as soon as possible then. :D

    Thanks so much, Laurita, for your immediate help. I really appreciate it. :)

  14. Mari - Sorry, I just looked again and the button is not on paypal's's on a google toolbar just above it that pops up. That might only happen if the person has a google toolbar already on their browser.

  15. You've been so sweet to Mari, Cathy. I'm going to skip lunch tomorrow and see if I can't send the cash over.

  16. It's a fine thing you've done here, Cathy.
    Mari's writing is a worthy cause.

  17. Cathy ~ Your goodness jumps off the page.
    Mari ~ Your honesty to goodness is speaking volumes in the folks who standup and standby you.

    Fellow writers are our treasurers, as so many of your comments above speak your true natures. Fortunate we are in the wealth of each other's strivings. I'll be plunkin' in that online piggybank. ~ Absolutely*Kate

  18. Thanks, Laura. I guess I fixed the button, so all is ok now. :)

    Thanks so much, John! I contacted your friend and I'm sure I'll get the best deal possible.

    Aww, thanks Pamila! Also for joining the cause on FB and for chipping in.

    Wow, I feel humbled by your comment, Kate, and I appreciate more than you imagine your help and your willingness to donate. Thank you!

  19. Cathy - this is a most wonderful post. I only found out about what had happened when I returned from vacation. Have headed over to PayPal, but just thought I'd stop by here and thank you for posting this, I'd have been devastated to have missed it and as a result not to have been able to help.

    Mari - hang in there! I'm completely sure your friends and fellow writers will have you back online in no time. Can't wait to see pics of your new machine when you get it. :D

  20. You guys are all wonderful. Thanks so much!

  21. Hey, Sam, you did arrive in time, and your donation made all the difference. I can call off the cause now, 'cause I've achieved my goal.

    Wohooooooo! *claps hands and jumps up of excitement* :D

    THANK YOU ALL! And especially you, Cathy. If not for you, I'd never had gotten all the funds I needed. I cannot express how much I appreciate all the support you gave me.

    <3 <3 <3

  22. Oh Mari, I am so happy for you! All our blogging buddies are the best, the very best kind of people. And yay for Sam for putting you to the top!

  23. You made it! Yay! *jumping up and down*


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