Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Suck, Suck, Suck

Really. What was I thinking?
I was getting a swelled head... I admit it. I thought I was pretty damned good. I thought I had a knack for short stories. I thought it was something I was good at.
Nothing like another rejection to make you feel like an ass for thinking that way.
I imagined I had a shot at getting published in the charitable anthology 100 Stories for Queensland. I actually got confused when they published their "long list." I thought it meant my story was going to be included, but it was a cut list, a whittled down list and not the real thing. Yesterday they posted the "real thing" and, despite the fact I read it hopefully, twice, I didn't see my name on it.
I thought it was a pretty good story. One of my best. People who read it said they liked it. I dunno. I guess it wasn't good enough.
Not. Good. Enough.
Story of my life, really.


  1. Rejection sucks. You do not. It's hard to get that note saying your story wasn't up to snuff, or seeing that you didn't make the cut. But remember that even the best have been rejected. Harry Potter was turned down by publishers. Stephen King had a whole railroad spike full of rejections.

    Keep that story and recycle it. Send it somewhere new. Someone will love it.

    Oh, and hugs. :)

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't make the cut either. I've polished up and subbed it elsewhere. Do the same with yours - it is the perfect story for an editor out there!

    Also, to add to Laurita's list, Stephanie Meyer was rejected sixteen times and look at her now.

  3. James Lee Burke too. Rejections are way more common that acceptance. It does not mean you are not good enough. Don't let it get you down, try sending it somewhere else. :)

  4. Instead of "It's not good enough," a more positive spin would be "There were stories considered better." Package that story up and send it out again to somewhere else. Thier loss.

  5. I am willing to bet I've been rejected more than you have. Let's get out our stacks and compare over some ice cream.

    If I have been rejected more, do I suck? Or shouldn't we both keep trying?

  6. Cathy - don't get down. The competition for 100 stories for queensland was fierce. Every single one of the stories on the long list was totally top notch. I wasn't involved in narrowing the list down to the final 100 but that group had a tough task indeed. So don't get down on yourself - as the others have said, polish it up and send it off somewhere else. :-)

  7. I'm sorry -- I hate rejections, too. And boy do I get a lot of them.

    I bet the competition was fearsome if you didn't make the cut. Same for Icy.

    Persistence is key. Shine that baby up and ship her out. Peace...


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