Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Canoe Heads

Yet another template at LOTMR?
(That stands for Life on the Muskoka River, not Lord of The Monkey Rings. Harry B. Sanderford calls this joint LOTMR and for that I am smitten. Look, mah, I'm initials! I'm like CBC and CBS and ABC and WTF!)
But I digress.
Yes, another template.
But I'm HAPPY about this one!
This follows on the heels of a year or so of UN-happy. A lot of the blogger templates just weren't doing it for me. They were like Goldilocks and the Three Blogs: some were too manly and some were too femmy with nothing really in between. Finally I realized I was going to have to do it myself if I wanted it to say ME.
So who is 'me?'
I'm funny, sometimes. (Shaddup people I work with!)
I'm weird, sometimes.
I whine. I write stories. I adore Hamburger Helper and iceberg lettuce.
I love my green canoe and my Muskoka River and the husband, two sons, two cats, one small dog and numerous red squirrels, snapping turtles and fish who share it with me. Oh, and the zombies in the bunkie.
And I love being Canadian.
I wanted a topper that said all those things and, after fooling around with it a bit, I think I came up with the perfect Cathy O-Webster template.
OK, it's not perfect... I already see a problem with water in the canoe.. must fix that tomorrow before the Good Ship Monkey Rings sinks to Muskoka's muddy bottom.
But it is pretty funny.
I showed it to my boys tonight and they giggled. So did hubby. The dog didn't say much – just arfed to go outside so she could fertilize the snowbank.
Every family has a critic.
Le sigh.


  1. I love it. It's very sunny, and happy and oh so Canadian. All hail the Lord of the Monkey Rings. Or is that the Lady of the Muskoka River?

    Hey, do you remember that Mr. Canoe Head bit from Four on the Floor?

  2. "Look, mah, I'm initials! I'm like CBC and CBS and ABC and WTF!" < HAHAHA

    I like the new look. I guess Bullwinkle traded in Rocky for a flying plane.

  3. Of course I remember! SO funny!
    I dug this up for the uninitiated:

    And this one has nothing to do with Mr. Canoe Head but the French Fur Trappers gig on Kids in the Hall is to die for!

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Laurita.. can hardly wait to see yours!

  5. heheheheh - love it when I can get a laugh outta someone, Harry! Thanks again for the initials!

  6. Oh brother.. I forgot to post the Kids in the Hall link. D'oh!

  7. This fits's wild, wacky, fun-loving, nostalgic...and it makes me smile, just like you do.

  8. This is great Cath, Love it, by the way did you get my email? Haven't had a reply. Mom

  9. I loved Four on the Floor
    "Monsieur Bateau-tete"


    Just sayin'

  10. I say it's a wiener. I mean winner. Not that there's anything wrong with wieners. I like wieners.

  11. It's great because of it's quirkiness and is definitely a keeper!

    I think Laurita's comment of it being short for "Lady of the Muskoka River" is bang on!

  12. This template is much nicer on the eyes and suits your personality better. Good chance, Cathy!

  13. I had to stare at it for ten minutes to get my laugh out before I could finally read your friday flash. I lurve it.

  14. Yeah, I love the new look. Glad that you settled on something coz you were changing it more frequently than I was having hot dinners. That banner is a good reflection of ones personality. Very nice, ya canoe head!

  15. WOW! I love seeing you on bright new adventure series. I'll tune my dials to LOTMR so all frequencies come in loud and clear. You just heat up that hamburger helper Cathy-O-Webster of the Web-stirrings and I'll be a shore thing for what you and the fam and the arfer are rivering by.

    Man oh man -- Harry's right! This is like Rocky & Bullwinkle! WoooHooo!

    ~ Absolutely-excited*Kate


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