Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Knocked Up!

OK, so obviously my April Fool's idea for a blog contest didn't exactly sweep you off your feet.
The idea was to have you send me a photo of your house and I would post it with other bloggers' houses, along with names, and everyone would guess whose house was whose and the top three guessers would win a prize.
You'd think I was asking for your firstborn child.
Geez. I had one person, ONE, send me a picture of her house. Oh, and my mother, who hasn't figured out digital photography quite yet, asked me to come over and take a picture of her house.
I heard a couple people say they were a little nervous having their home featured. I get that. I mean, I don't, really, because I'm always putting my house and my children and my husband and my pets and even my bear nipple toilet paper holder online for the world to see.
It's been more than a year and no stalkers yet.
Anyway, I decided to make it less stalker-ish.
Now all I want is a picture of your damned front door. YOUR FRONT DOOR! If you have a number on it, I promise, I'LL PHOTOSHOP OUT THE DAMNED NUMBER.
I mean, come on, it's so easy.
Send me a picture of your damned door by April 1 and I'll post it with all the hundreds of other door pictures I'm not likely to get, and then we can all play the fun game of guessing whose door is whose.
Again, may I say, I will send three prizes to top guessers.
May I also say, I give away damned good prizes. Just ask Lou Freshwater or Laurita Miller or my mother (who sorta gave me crap for spending so much money on prizes for everyone in the Beaver Contest). THAT'S how good my prizes are!
And for WHAT?
Sending me a picture of your front door?
Come on you bunch of lolling about lazy-pants. I'm not even asking you to WRITE anything.
So here's the thing - if you're entering, you're invited to copy my beautiful badge onto your blog to share the magic. It's honestly the prettiest badge anyone has ever seen, really, isn't it?
Every time I post my e-mail address I get deluged with spam so I'm fooling 'em this time: send your damned photo to catherinegwendolynne at hotmail dot com.

P.S. - I won't be posting the contest until AFTER April Fool's Day (probably, like, two days later) because I've agreed to enter Tony Noland's April Fool's Day blog swap over there at Landless. Hey, you can join us if you like! I'm sure he's game.


  1. I still say you should use the photo of my bathroom. That thing is my home. And now? Well, it is through the door.

  2. Dammit, I forgot to take the damn picture of my damn house. Making a damn note to get one of my damn door.

  3. John - get out of the damned bathroom! WTF man? There's a whole wide world out your front door - on your way out, take a damned picture. OK? Geez Louise...

    Olivia - don't even get me started with you, girl! You know what? I took down that damned Linky thing altogether. It was too easy to screw up. So just email me your damned picture and I'm sure Harry won't tell anybody it was your door.

    Harry - Quit your damned swearing.

  4. My door I can do. I don't have a picture of the front of my house, and I wouldn't enter one that I take now because everyone would know it was mine from the mountains of snow out front. :)

  5. Do you want the front of my house, or the front door to my actual flat?

  6. Laurita - you do your door????

    Icy - You pick! (I LOVE that word -'flat.' Best word ever for an apartment.)

  7. I'm taking the pic today, and I'll send it to you at the next opportunity, okay? :) *smooches*

  8. Okay!!! Good Gravy, chica. I will send you a pic of my front door. Just don't expect much. ;P

    Btw....long time no see....how are ya? :)

  9. Love the canoe effect! About the doors, What if you have more than one?! Front, back, sliding, trap, french, closet, Bahaha! So I'm only kidding, can you tell I'm tired! See what I can do about the door. Love, love the canoe! ;)

  10. Hey Kat! I'm good,how are you? Looking forward to seeing your door.
    Liz - thanks for the canoe comment! And you can pick any door you want. (Barn door?)

  11. Well I'm glad Liz asked first - I have no idea which door is my front door. We have four different doors to get in the house, all but one is glass and they're all so damn dirty I don't know if I can handle everyone seeing my dirt, (and of course now everyone will know it's my door - "the one with the dirt is Deanna's). Hmmm, maybe I can figure something out...

    By the way, I think this is a fine idea, a fun idea, the original of our houses, not just the door, but I'm glad we went from house to door, I think...

  12. Cathy, as I recall, the last time you photoshopped one of my pictures, we ended up in bed together.

  13. I have to confess, I'm a bit nervous about the photoshopping angle, too, Tony and I don't even have the track record you do ;-)


    The bathroom door with all the mumblings you can actually *see* is wise Wiswell's.

    The dirty door she's still not sure is the one she should use is just this side of Deanna's.

    If everyone piles fake snow up we can trick the Laurita guess.

    The bed shot is now PJ (in pj's?), Tony and Cathy again - just because she liked the angle last time the pillows plumped.

    The multi-shot of 15 or 16 port openings is Liz's.

    Your Mom's door will have a shot of your thumb in it, sure as shooting just so she doesn't win the prize and say it's too extravagant to accept. Mercedes? Silver ones? Wow Cath - you're super cool.

    Good thing Mari got back online in time, but if she stands out front as Kat and Icy might do, it'll be a cinch to do that concepting.

    Hmmm, there's some open secret to decipher about Ms Olivia and I bet it doesn't involve Reese's peanut butter eggs but those would be real nice if I win this contesto.

    Yeah, and Harry is so damn profane.

    Gotta go outside and spiff up my door so it looks better than Deanna's.

    (You just wanted to use "Knocked Up" in a pretty-in-pink badge, didn't you Mrs Webster?)

    ~ Absolutely*Kate ... out the door

  15. HA! Kate, you know your door is going to be cleaner than mine, no matter what! :)

  16. What size picture do you want? I finally took one (been meaning to, honest, but then I've been meaning to win the lottery for a while now too) gave the peeling paint a virtual paint job (wish painting the house was that easy) and already photoshoped (well, PaintShop Pro'ed) out the numbers. Now what should I resize it to?

  17. hahaha. I love you Cathy. I am getting a new front door hopefully in the next week or two.

  18. Wow. You're mean when you want something. Are you always this mean?? 'Cause you're scaring me just a little. I am sending you a copy of (one of my) door(s). I have moved so many times, I'm not worried about anyone recognizing it, as I'm unsure of where it is myself.
    As for the badge? It's MINE. (Insert evil laugh here)


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