Monday, March 7, 2011

I Just Love Simon's Cat!

This is, very possibly, the funniest cartoon I have ever seen about cats.
I find it especially funny because Dave is just like the guy and our cat, Ben, is just like the cat, who will drive you to absolute mind-altering distraction if his bowl is empty.
Not even empty – Ben gets yappy if he can even see the bottom of the darn bowl.
Dave isn't much of a cat lover and Ben is not the most endearing cat. Thus there are many sleepless nights for Dave, who chases the cat around the house armed with a spray bottle of water and wearing nothing but his skivvies.
Simon's Cat is the brainchild of Simon Tofield, a British animator who has created an immensely successful comic franchise based on his own crazy life with four, count 'em, cats.
Angus, Sam and I spent a happy half an hour or so on the weekend watching all the Simon's Cat cartoons online. Dave wouldn't even come over and watch it – he just doesn't see the humour in a fat cat who destroys everything he touches and will do anything, absolutely anything, for food.
I'm posting my favourite here but you can visit Simon's Cat yourself to see what all the purring is about.


  1. I truly can relate to this cat - we have one that basically does the same thing minus the bat (although I am sure she would use it if she could).

  2. Oh my God, that was hysterical! My cat used to do all that...except pull my ear and hit me with a bat, thank God. This is hilarious.

  3. I love the playing innocent at the end. Funny stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love Simon's cat! The book is great, too.

  5. Simon's cat is hilarious. The kids and I have spent so much time watching them. Fly Guy is our favourite. It's funny, because it's so close to the truth...evil cats.

  6. Hahaha! I'm not showing this to my cat!

  7. One of my 3 cats (the fat one, of course!) is just like that. Poor Dave... ;)

  8. A friend of mine (JASON!) hates cats. HATES cats, I tell ya! I've been bugging him to set up an anti-cat blog, just so people like us can ride his butt and send him rude comments and such. Isn't that a fine idea?

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