Thursday, September 15, 2011

Diet Tip#1: Be Prepared

That there was last Tuesday's lunch.

And that huge pile of food on the counter doesn't even include the fat-free salad dressing, two apples and a banana I threw in the bag when I was ready to go.

Well no, it was my lunch and my dinner because on Tuesdays I work late. So to prevent my ravenous self from raiding Crunchie bars from the vending machine, I packed two meals. Truly, being prepared is the biggest thing you do can do to lose weight.

Oh, but it's a gawdawful amount of work. Peeling, chopping, boiling, rinse, repeat.

I feel like I'm running a diner.

Take this morning, for example. I boiled a chicken breast for lunch and an egg for breakfast. I washed and chopped strawberries, which I added to a bowl of Fibre 1 bran cereal and then added non-fat, no-sugar yogurt. (Delish, by the way.) Then I chopped half a head of lettuce, a couple of carrots and the chicken. I peeled the egg, and ate it, then grabbed a pita from the freezer. I packed the chicken separate from the salad so the lettuce wouldn't wilt, threw it all in a bag and added a banana and an apple.

It's a lot of work! But it's SO worth it – I have a healthy, well-balanced breakfast and lunch, with fruit to nosh on for snacks, and I feel full and satisfied and totally immune to the charms of the vending machine.
Part of my problem before is I never ate breakfast and never made time to pack a lunch so it was a regular thing to go out and grab some kind of greasy fast food.

You're probably also thinking, holy mother of all that is hungry, is she EVER eating a lot!

Yeah! I am! But more on that later. For now, be like the Girl Guides: Be Prepared!

Oh! And I was down another two and a half pounds this week, for a grand total of 21and a half since the beginning of August.

I. Feel. Fabulous.


  1. Yay, good on you! Sounds like you have it all in hand. You can eat tons of vegatables, they are good for you - I love a huge salad sandwich especially with beetroot! :)

  2. Good for you. You are eating SO healthy.

  3. Congrats, Cathy on your weight loss! Just think of how healthy you'll be...:)JP

  4. Way to go Cathy, it's so hard to get in the groove, but you are there. Maybe your discipline will rub off on me. But you are so much younger...old dogs, new tricks you know. ;)

  5. Great. For. You!!!!!

    I bet you can already feel your waistband loosen, the shirts getting baggy. That's a lot of poundage in a 1.5 months -- tremendous.

    Have I told you lately how much you inspire me? Peace...

  6. (popping over from Delores' feathered nest)

    Glad I've discovered your blog. :-)
    I'm on phase 2 of my own health plan at the moment, so I could relate.

    You're so right about being prepared! The less we have to tap into pure willpower, the more energy we have left for other activities.

  7. Hey, I am dieting too. But I haven't really blogged about it. I have used Weight Watchers and found it helpful... mostly.

    Glad to find you from The Feathered Nest.

  8. I really like to do the same thing. I think that it is a gift when you can for see something and be prepared.


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