Monday, September 5, 2011

Popular Posts

I's tired, lawd, I's tired.. don't ask me why I start talking with a southern accent when I'm tired and I'm from northern Ontario, I's jest do.

Before I go to bed I just wanted to point out the Popular Posts section at the right side of this blog. It's a Blogger gadget that tallies up the posts people visit most and ranks them. I think it's mostly perverts and potato chip fetishes that visit my blog. Your fine self excluded, of course.

The most popular post I've ever posted is Shook Up Like A Bag of Chips because everybody is always googling photos of potato chip bags. WHY? Just tell me why? Is it a kinky thing?  I mean, WTF people? I can understand eating them but googling them? Weird chip-googling weirdos.

I totally understand the X is for X-Rated post and the Beavers and Other Endings post. Fecking pervs. But I don't get The Ants Go Squishy One By One, unless they're looking for exterminators. Or maybe it's sickos who are bored with burning ants under a magnifying glass and want to try something more hands-on.

As for the Rant #3? Who the hell knows.

It's certainly not good writing that keeps 'em coming back for more because these were some of the WORST posts I've ever posted.

The only thing I know for sure is people got a potato chip fixation and if I really want to get Dave's engine revving I'd be just as far ahead to dress up in a potato chip bag as I would in Saran Wrap.


  1. I have no explanation for your blog hits but just wanted to say that Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies and that scene with Bates in the saran wrap CRACKS ME UP!

  2. I'm not a pervert but I do like me my potato chips..although I swear I've never googled them. As far as wrapping in saran wrap, I'll save that for the leftovers. Life's a puzzle ain't it?

  3. I'll check out those Loukas posts, although I've read and commented on a couple.

    Now I know who you remind me of. You're a ringer for Ms. Bates up there!! I hope you've not got an injured author tied to a four poster bed though!! ;-)

  4. I'm sorry. I really, really wanted to read your whole post, but then I saw that bag of potato chips there on the side, and my imagination took over with wild, lustfiul fantasies. So I didn't get any further. What was it you were saying about chips? I mean... posts?

  5. Funny. I have no idea why people come to my site except when I completely embarrass myself and write about it. Go figure.

  6. Laws, yoos so wacky, Missus Websta.

  7. I agree with your curiosity about popular posts. I always marvel at the same thing. I write a post that I think is a marvel, in the realm of Hemmingway and it gets all but ignored. But I mention someone like a Kardashian in a less than stellar post and everyone reads it, go figure.
    As for the potato chips fetish...well they are fun to crunch up.

  8. Googling photos of potato chip bags?, are you serious? is people really looking for this on the web??


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