Friday, September 16, 2011

If I get run over by a truck, just remember I love you

I didn't have time for my exercise bike this morning so I decided, just now, to ride my real bicycle to work.
Man I get some crazy ideas sometimes.
I'm not nervous about the distance – it's only a six minute drive – but I am worried about the traffic on the highway.
So, in case I get schmucked, I just want to say "I love you" to my kids and my husband and my mom and all my family and friends.
And "screw you" to the idjit who ran me over.


  1. I think you need to carry that on a piece of paper in your pocket. Or maybe have a T Shirt made.

  2. OMG that was you that swerved out in front of my truck! Made me spill some of my Tims! Sorry about giving you the finger!

  3. I'd be more worried about freezing to death this morning. The things we are willing to do for weight loss.

  4. Be careful, Cathy.

    I used to cycle to work back In Manchester, England. Busy roads at rush hour. I was on my way home one cold, dark night and this knobhead has his car right up to the pavement while he's sat in a traffic jam. I had to stop and walk my bike past. I tapped on his passenger window but he refused to even look at me (he knew he was being a knobhead) What he didn't know was how willing I was to punch the bonnet of his car. I left a rather large dent and rode home with a smile on my face. :-)

    Don't take any nonsense!

    Love the new look over here.

    I'm not dead, OK, Mom?
    (Now all I have to do is "make it" home again!)
    You guys are all too funny.. Malcolm, I KNEW it was your finger!
    David, you punched the car??? Remind me not to give you a hard time about anything.
    Good idea, Cro.
    Yeah, Delores, it was cold outside but I dressed warm and the side benefit was I didn't arrive at work all sweaty.

  6. Four out of five doctors recommend not getting run over. I recommend following their advice.

  7. Oh god be careful. If there's any way to avoid the busiest roads, do it. I've been riding bike to work for years and I've been hit once, and nearly hit or run off the road at least half a dozen times. People have a blind spot for bikes and motorcycles.

  8. I'm still waiting on the 'Made it home' comment - I checked the news and all seems well with cyclists and cars at present round your way.

    My bike days are long gone. Legs turn to jelly (or should that be jello?)


  9. What a great idea! Say goodbye before something happens... even if it never happens. :-)

    I ride into the Washington DC suburbs every week to pick up my grand-dog Milo (don't ask) and I should also give my regards in advance of each trip. They are dangerous!

    That Washington Beltway is the worst!

  10. Hahaha, glad you remembered to leave a mesage for the *&%#@ who ran you over.


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