Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam!

That Sam-I-Am.
How I love my Sam-I-Am.
I could eat him up with jam.
Happy Birthday, Sam-I-Am.

No secret, I've been going to Weight Watchers* for seven weeks and one of my biggest supporters is my now-11-year-old son, Sam.

I hadn't seen him for three weeks because his father was on holidays and had the kids with him on the weekends I normally would have had them. (Missed them fierce, by the way.) Sam never forgot that I was on a diet, though, always remembering to ask me, "how much did you lose this week, Mom?"

When I finally saw him on Friday he said, "You even LOOK skinnier."

Fine words, those. Of course I had to milk it. "Oh yeah?" sez I. "Where exactly do I look skinnier?"

He looked me up and down, analyzing, then said, "Your outline is skinnier."

(I got him a really, really good birthday present.)

* There was no meeting here on Monday, which is my WW night, because of the Labour Day holiday so I haven't been weighed for almost two weeks. Except for Sam's birthday cake, a hot dog at the drive-in (that wasn't even very good - does that count?) and a pot luck last Sunday, I have been on plan. I'm hoping for a few more pounds down the drain to make that outline of mine even skinnier.


  1. What a sweet kid.
    I firmly believe that if you didn't enjoy what you ate it won't stick with you. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

  2. awe, what a great kid! I know my girls often make me feel better than anyone else can. Congrats and nice to 'meet' you! Beautiful blog! New follower here

  3. Happy Birthday to an obviously smart boy! Making mom smile should always be a priority ;-)

  4. Well Sam is right. You do look skinnier!
    Oh, and Sam is a real cutie too! And Angus a perfect gentleman.

  5. Wow, it's been a year already since Sam's B-day? He's only a heartbeat or two away from being a teenager. Hope that weigh-in brings some great results (go for a couple of long walks this weekend).

  6. Hi, I am relatively new to your blog so I thought I would read back a few posts. Glad that I did. I am also going to Weight Watchers. Getting prepared for my son's wedding in May. My daughter and I are both going. It is a great program. I am a liife time member and was only about 15 pounds off my goal but I have been heavier. I come back periodically to get back down to my preferred weight.

    Glad to have found you.

    Retired Knitter

  7. Our kids are the best support we can get in our lives, that's why we have not to be afraid to show them how much we love them. Happy birthday Sam!!!


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