Monday, January 2, 2012

Angus's Really Big Shew

Proud? You betcha!

This You Tube video was shot by my youngest son, Sam, at the Haliburton Highlands Secondary School Tribute Concert, held just before Christmas. The performers are my oldest son, Angus (playing bass) and his friend Bethalin, who sings a mighty version of one of Adele's hit songs. Honestly, their performance was the best of the night and I'm not just saying that because I'm Gus's mother! Have a listen, see if you don't agree!

Oh, that hooting and hollering at the end? That's me!


  1. What fun! Bethalin has a lovely voice, too!
    I taught my granddaughter how to do an interview/video. It's so much fun watching them over and over!

  2. I'll have to drop by and check that out, Jenn! Thanks!

  3. I'd give them a ten! I play guitar, so I can definitely appreciate your son's talent.
    And your hooting deserves an eleven.

  4. I sing and play guitar and piano--and THEY ROCK!!!! Well done!!

  5. Oh, beautiful! Very nice! I wish my kids had stuck with music. My daughter has a lovely voice, but lacks the discipline she needs.

  6. Standing ovation! That's an awesome rendition of that song. Gus rocks the bass. It's so thrilling when kids really take to music.

    Nice hooting mom. ;)

  7. Yes! hey are very talented and you are the very proud mom! Happy New Year Cathy!

  8. Aw, that was awesome! The song and the hooting. :)

  9. Alex, do you think my hooting is star quality hooting? (she says hopefully).

    Lisa, why does it not surprise me that you're a musician as well as a writer? Talented much? :)

    Thank-you Tomara - I shall pass on your awesome comment to my awesome son!

    Hart - trust me, Gus needs discipline, too. Thankfully he's sticking with the lessons right now. I hope he keeps it up.

    Laurita - It is thrilling! (As you know, with your talented children!) I was waiting and waiting for them to show some interest in something and finally Gus landed on music and Sam on animation. I hope they become as talented and adept and artsy as your lovely oldest daughter.

    Harry - look up "proud mother" in the dictionary and there's my smiling face!!!

    Thanks for dropping by, Awesome Blogger Nicole! I found you via Alex and was glad I did. Congrats on your 1,000 followers!

  10. Outstanding performance! They both are very talented. I'd be very proud!


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