Sunday, November 28, 2010

Better than Bills

The deck stain we chose is called Replace Me Now.
1. Pink Pride & Prejudice, compact and pretty. Warning: contains corsets.

2. An Oprah Book Club selection, The Pilot's Wife. Because, with an audience full of women, Oprah would never pick a book called The Pilot. Unless she's high.

3. A beautiful Asian-influenced journal for any lucid thoughts I might have. So far, empty.

4. Hand-painted blueberries on a bud vase. I have it on my dressing table – now, finally, there is something pretty in front of the mirror.

5. Homemade jam, created with local peaches in the kitchen of Linda, aka @drwasy in twitterland and
Leftbrainwrite on blogger.

6. A lovely note, in tidy handwriting, from one of my favourite writers on the #fridayflash circuit.

This all came in a box as a result of participating in Linda's Month of Gratitude Contest. Isn't it lovely? Aren't you jealous? OMG you should taste the jam...
This is so much better than bills.
Notice I don't post pictures of my bills.
Surely you've seen the posters on telephone poles everywhere: Post No Bills?

(Thanks, Linda.)


  1. What a lovely idea! I love your new blog - another good idea. I've been so busy with clients, stressed with palliative care, I haven't had a chance to settle in. ADHD at age 53+!

    Your photo looks wonderful. Happy woman!

  2. Wow,soo much better than bills. Ah, so does the sign mean I can't mail bills either. I wonder if the payee's will go for that one.

  3. Hey, nice gifts from Linda.

    "This is so much better than bills."

    Bills's what?

    Also, if someone had told me years ago that "Pride and Prejudice" had corsets I would have been all over it.

  4. So I poke over here after 5 internetless days to say THANK YOU for my lovely mushy music CD and voila! Everything looks so familiar! Glad you enjoyed, and thank YOU for all the love and joy you spread -- I be grateful for you!

    And yes, we use the same deck stain, haha. Peace...


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