Thursday, December 9, 2010

Versatile, yes; Brainless, definitely

Oh Lord, who art in blogland, forgetful be my name.

Laura Eno went and did it. She nominated me for another one of those cotton-picking blogger awards that get buzzing around the neighbourhood like fruit flies at a grape smuggler convention.
Versatile I may be, but forgetful? Holy doodles, I am so forgetful that ... oh frig, what was I saying? I do remember, vaguely, being awarded other awards in the last few months but quite honestly I can't remember who gave me what. I APOLOGIZE! I should have written them down. I should have posted them immediately.
Shoulda, woulda, coulda ...
So as not to delay this any longer than necessary, I am passing it on immediately to Deb at My Great White North, WHO I MET TODAY for the first time! Not only did I meet Deb, who I read faithfully, I also met her husband, David, and the world-famous dog celebrity Lucy the Golden Lab.
I love Lucy, I really do. I love it when Deb writes about her antics, so it was a really big thrill to make a fuss over her today, petting her and cooing and carrying on. Lucy put up with my attentions for a couple of minutes before giving me a sardonic look as if to say, "Puhleese. No autographs, just cookies."

Lucy (on the right) with two visiting pals. Look at the look on her face. She cracks me up.

Deb is the very picture of versatility. She's an excellent photographer, a seamstress, a cook and a writer. What's more, she is genuinely funny. Nothing makes me smile more than a visit over at Deb's blog.
Funny thing is, Deb just lives around the corner from me, maybe a half an hour at the most. For bloggers who are often whole countries apart, that is like living on someone's doorstep.
I hope we can get together for coffee some day soon. And, I promise, I'll bring Lucy treats.
Deb, all you have to do is pass the Versatile Blogger Award to someone else you admire, and let them know you did it. I hope they're as deserving as you.
AND, speaking of the lovely and talented Mizz Laura Eno, I want to let you know that I am FINALLY starting to read Laura's book, Prophecy Moon. Laura sent it to me MONTHS ago. This embarrasses me to admit, but I have not read a book since last summer. I've barely read a magazine. It's everything I can do to read #fridayflash stories. Seriously, I am falling apart!
This week I have vowed to read one chapter of Prophecy Moon every day. As of this moment, I've finished Chapter Two.
It's so good, Laura! It is! I can hardly wait to see what happens when he finds the old hag!
Thanks for sending it. Thanks for the inscription. Thanks for the award. Thanks for being such a powerful, positive force in the writing world.
To visit Laura's blog, visit A Shift in Dimensions.
To visit Deb's blog, visit My Great White North.


  1. Wow! After such glowing comments, I'll bring you cookies, too! I'm off to check out Deb's blog now.

  2. We need to get you back on the literacy treadmill. Get you in fighting shape, and you'll be tackling Dostoyevsky by January!

  3. It's always great to actually meet someone in the flesh who you have gotten to know only via the web. That's neat. And smart dog - only cookies.

  4. Thanks for the award. Timing wasn't good though. I hastily posted on my blog this morning spelling Christmas incorrectly. Meanwhile many of your faithful readers, you know, the literary ones that spell correctly all the time, went to check out my blog. Geeze.
    Maybe over the holidays we can get together for coffee?

  5. Buahahahaha!! Poor Deb. Your spelling is almost always impeccable! But I do wish you a very merry Chritmas and do hope for coffee soon!

  6. I'm here to say hi via Laura's blog. I sympathize with being behind on your reading. I buy or win books from writer and blogger friends, and they pile up all over the house because I don't have enough time to read them. Now that I'm getting a Kindle, I imagine that will soon be full of unread books as well. Maybe if I retire from my retirement, I'll have more time?

  7. Laura - I'm waiting. No cookies yet. Waiting...
    John - I don't think I can even spell Dovesty.. er, Doosteyohski... d'oh! .. you know...
    Patricia - thanks for dropping by! You mean there's less time for reading upon retirement? Lordy, there's no hope, is there...


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