Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the Air Tonight

The turn is on the cusp.

The fall turn, when there is a noticeable shift in the air, in the river, in the way we think.

As it is on our lakes, where temperature and weather's weird alchemy turn the water on the bottom over to the top, flip it like a pancake, pushing the sour suffocating depths into the sun and forcing fresh water down to the muddy bottom for scaly wintering creatures, so too is it in the air; in the trees. In our thoughts.


  1. I agree with John. An interesting departure from your normal style and a different side of you Cathy. Your usual style would have the Phil Collins video embedded, lol!

  2. I liked that...musing and poetic.

    And you didn't even use Nantucket...

  3. Musing and poetic - ALan has that exactly right. Ahhh, just the wistful thing I needed with my coffee on this chilly morning.

  4. Inversion of air, of water, the power of the seasons. Why not of the mind as well? And of our emotions? I remember the feelings of fall so well, living, as you do, on the water. A lovely evocation, Cathy.


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