Friday, October 14, 2011

Pay it Forward Blogfest

I don't know how I get sucked into these things. I woke up this morning with no intention of joining any blogfest, then Stephen Tremp mentions I got mentioned on Laura Eno's website and I see my pal Laurita Miller is doing it and, hell, I'm nothing if not a cool-kid wannabe... so.


(Man, I can't stop thinking of Kevin Spacey's iron-burnt face and Twister Helen in her tight-ass jeans looking for bottles of hooch in the kitchen light and that kid, that poor sad-faced little kid who did a bunch a sad-faced movies and then disappeared into kid movie star notoriety. I'm bad at names. And way too lazy to google 'em, cause really, who the hell cares?)

So here's the deal: I mention three blogs I really really like. And then you go visit their blogs and give 'em a follow, because you will love them as much as me, I promise. Then off I go like Red Riding Hood with a pic-i-nick basket and a Yogi bear in tow, off to visit as many blogs as I can muster. If you feel the need to get sucked in, here's the link to the linky list:

Here's the hard part: narrowing down my favourite blogs to just three.

One of my favourite blogs, very, very favourite ones, doesn't have a lot of followers, doesn't get a lot of traffic and doesn't really care. My Great White North may have eschewed popularity but its purveyor, Deb, embraces humour, photography and a love for Muskoka, the rugged, beautiful place we both call home. Give Deb a chance to win you over. She will, I promise. Since I've been blogging she has become a friend and an inspiration. You can visit her blog here:

Lake Muakoka from the vantage point of Deb's deck.
Photo by Deb or Dave at My Great White North.

If there's anybody who can make me laugh out loud, it's Siren. I've mentioned Siren Song a few times because I can't get over how crazy-funny she is. Her latest thing is posing dead, dessicated frogs (or maybe they're toads – it's hard to tell they're so mummified), photographing them and putting words in their mouth through cartoon bubbles. Ridiculous fun but scathingly, cuttingly sharp at the same time. Yesterday she blogged about her Halloween display of zombies. Gotta love her. You can visit her blog here:

I feel a little lax about blogging lately, if truth be told. I'm trying to write a novel (hahahahah - how ostentatious does that sound!) and all my extra time that I used to devote to blogging and writing short stories is now devoted to novel-writing. I'm no Laura Eno or Stephen King. Every chapter comes down onto the page encased in blood. So I apologize for being distant - it's not that I don't love you all... because I do. You know I do. Blogging has changed my life, gave me the confidence to write this book, this tome, this blood-spattered albatross around my neck.

Seagull Cottage by Shelagh Duffett

I have one more blog to mention and it's one I think you'll enjoy. Shelagh Duffett is an artist living in Nova Scotia, Canada and she blogs at Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea. This blog puts a smile on my face with its colourful whimsy, the chatty conversation of its host and its remarkably happy paintings. One of these days I'm going to dust off my credit card and buy one of her paintings, just because they make my heart smile. Shelagh blogs here:

One of the things I most enjoyed over at Shelagh's blog was her posting of this simple song. Take a minute and enjoy... it will make your heart smile, too. I promise.


  1. See? This is what I mean about you! You find out about this blogfest this morning, then WHIP up a fabulous post about it on the fly! You are amazing, girl! (I can still call you that, being older)
    OMG...those poor frogs. I've GOT to go visit...

  2. Great suggestions! Headed off to check them out ;-)

  3. Yeah I had no idea as well, then figured what the heck and whipped mine up last night, slapping it on the blogfest site. Will have a look at your three.

  4. All three of those are new to me!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest. Aren't you glad you dove in anyway?

  5. Hey! You're nothing if not one of the gang (I can't say I'm a cool kid, but I'm glad we're in the same clique).

    New blogs to visit. Yipee!

  6. Hi Cathy! Thanks so much. I've had a bit of fun visiting with you too! Yes, that father and daughter stole my heart:) Especially when she tries to whistle! Have a great weekend! I will be spending it at our local Seaport Market.
    Cheers, Shelagh

  7. Hi, new follower from the blogfest. Nice to meet you!

  8. New blogs look great - Alicia's is hilarious! ~Kate

  9. I mentioned you as one of my three on the Blogfest! Nice to meet you :)

  10. Came over from Laura Eno's blog. :D Following from the 'follow' at the top. Google follow won't work for me at the moment ... another lovely Blogger glitch to keep my life interesting. Yeah, that was some sarcasm. :) This is a great blogfest.

  11. I'm glad to joined up. Love the video!

  12. Oh yay - thanks for linking to the Nova Scotia blog. My family is from there and I'm always on the hunt for bloggers in that area.
    BTW - love yours. I'm a new follower!

  13. Hi Cathy. I'm here as the co-host from the Pay It Forward blogfest. Thanks so much for signing up.

    And I wasn't following your blog until just now, so the fest is working!


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