Friday, December 23, 2011

Best commercial ever!

Oh man. This is SUCH a great TV commercial, I just had to share. It's so "Muskoka," it might as well have been filmed at my house – I swear, that's the beaver who hangs out at our dock.

Ironically, we can't subscribe to Netflix because we live so far out in the boonies that there's no Wi-Fi service. I don't have any idea how the beaver managed to get it at his house.

I'm gonna have to have a word with that buck-toothed rodent.

Speaking of videos, you simply MUST drop around to see my Newfoundland friend Alan at Conversations From Land's Edge. He just posted about the Rock's unique and wonderful tradition of Mummering and the clip he shared from an old CBC special is just DELIGHTFUL. So Canadian. So very, very sweet.


  1. I saw that one last cute....

  2. Don't let the U.S. see the commercial. Canadian stereotypes will never survive it.


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