Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome to Friday Flash, Dawn!

I'm so happy right now!

I've been telling the women in my writer's group about for YEARS. What an awesome support group it is, how it has improved my writing and changed my life ... yada, yada.

Finally, one of those wonderfully talented writers has written a flash!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!

Not only has she written one, she has written a DAMNED FINE one!

Please drop by Dawn Huddlestone's blog, Being Deliberate, and read her story, A Spoonful of Sugar. You won't be sorry. I promise, you won't. It's a thing of true beauty.

Welcome to Friday Flash, Dawn!

Now, pass the cake and champagne!

(So many exclamation points, so little time....)


  1. That's great! Your real world and online world have collided.

  2. OMG that was a great story!!! What a surprise ending.

  3. Well, good work to you, Cathy. I'll bop over there now.

  4. Excellent Cathy. I went and read, it was a lovely piece of writing and I welcomed her to the group. ^_^

    1. Thanks Helen! And way to go with your Crooked Cat deal! I'm rooting for ya! (Loved your Friday Flash this week - Henrietta Trowel is quite the character!)


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