Saturday, July 10, 2010

Angus & Lucy

This is Lucy as a pup. I love Lucy, I do. Look at that face. 
Look at those big paws. 
How could you not love Lucy?

This is Angus as a pup. At 13, he is still a pup 
although he is growing rapidly into a fully-fledged dawg, all talented and 
handsome and smart like his, ahem, mother. I love my son, I do. 
Look at that face. 
How could you not love Angus?
Two things. Actually three.

Lucy is the incredibly cute golden labrador owned, coddled, spoiled and loved by a fellow blogger, Deb over at My Great White North. Being empty nesters, writers and photographers with a young pup on their hands, Deb and Dave spend a fair bit of time reporting on Lucy's exploits - much to my delight.
Deb writes about all kinds of things that go on in the Muskoka area where we live but I love it whenever she talks about Lucy. I have absolutely no desire for another dog but I have fallen head over heels with this adorable pooch.
There is a popular Canadian magazine called Cottage Life, which celebrates all things cottagey and therefore Muskoka-ey. The mag announced its Cottage Country's Top Dog Photo Contest so Deb's hubby, Dave, naturally entered a pix he took of Lucy. She is, after all, cottage country's most celebrated dog. And also the cutest.
The magazine's judges must have thought likewise because they included Lucy's photo in the top 25 and posted it on their website. Now it's up to all of us to vote for Lucy, and vote repeatedly - just like American Idol - so Lucy can win the contest and Dave and Deb can win a new camera.
Deb says she needs a new camera so she can take even better photos of Lucy. Hey, I'm game for that, loving that Lucy and all.
Will you help Lucy be cottage country's top dog?
Go to Cottage Life's website and click the button under Lucy's photo, the one named muskokadave. Then click on Vote. Vote as often as you can! The doggie with the most votes by August 2 wins.
Now, how much fun is that!
If you want to follow Lucy's exploits on a regular basis, here's Deb's blog, My Great White North. She makes me laugh and smile every single day.

I am SO proud of both my sons, Sam and Angus. They are growing up to be good people, kind-hearted and generous, and even though they scrap amongst themselves CONSTANTLY, I know this is a normal part of growing up - even though I am tempted to duct tape them to a wall some days.
Sam, 9, is an artist and writer who spends a great deal of spare time penning comic books. This makes me smile because me and my cousin Kelly did just that when we were his age.
Angus, 13, has shown an interest in writing and recently told me he wants to be a reporter. While I know I will be better taken care in my old age if he goes to law school, I think a reporter is a noble and honest profession and I would be proud if he followed in my footsteps.
Summer holidays have barely begun and already both boys are a little bored. Yesterday I suggested Angus write a #fridayflash and offered to help him with it if he wanted - anything to get him away from the dreaded X-Box.
Well, not only did he write one, but he posted it without any help from me. No spelling checks, no editing at all. And you know what? He did pretty good! Really good! He didn't even tell me he had done it... it wasn't until late last night that I was checking my own blog that I noticed Gus had posted his.
Squeeeeee!! I was so excited I tweeted him like no tomorrah!
(I was a little appalled at his swearing in the story but who am I to say anything? I cuss like a sailor in my #fridayflash stories!)
I am hoping that my blogging buddies will send Angus some encouragment in the form of comments. It's his first attempt and I'd really like to see him continue writing. Some of my buds already have, and I thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you'd like to see his story, Arbitor, visit Games and Me.

This is Alan W. Davidson who blogs at Conversations at Land's Edge. He is a huge supporter of my various and sundry/silly projects so I want to do the same for him.
This week he has posted the winning stories from his summer fiction contest with the theme being 'holidays'.
Some of #fridayflash's most prolific and popular writers are included over there including K.M. McElhinny, David Barber, Michael Solender, John Wiswell, Anthony Venutolo, Anton and Pablo Gully, Mike Robertson and some yappy woman named Cathy Olliffe.
If you're looking for some great holiday fiction this summer, Land's Edge is a good place to find it. And say hi to Alan while you're there. If you're nice, maybe he'll pour you some screech and let you wear his fez.


  1. Thanks for the voting link Cathy.
    I read your son's story. It's really good! He definitely has talent.
    Speaking of our children, I had only one rule for my kids and that was "Do anything you want, just don't make me have to call a lawyer." I never thought to tell them to become a lawyer. What was I thinking?
    Hopefully Angus will hone his writing skills and chose journalism as his career.
    Oh, and don't worry about the Xbox obsession. The skills they develop from that make them better at computer/techy stuff.

  2. Great first story from Angus. Encouragement, at a young age, could really send him in the proper direction (law school?)

    Thanks for the pimping, by the way. I look like the poster boy for sad, desperate writers.

    PS, It's a well-kept secret that I have shaved off my beard...

  3. Lol. Hola Chica!

    I read your son's story--very cute. :)

    And I'll go vote for Lucy.

    Always happy to do your bidding. Hehehee.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Hey, I saw that contest in Cottage life. I thought the pictures were great but didn't vote. That is too funny that you are entered, I voted for Lucy, it is a very good picture! It did not show me who was in the lead though. Best of luck!

  5. I think that is the BEST pix of me evar!


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