Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada D-Eh!

Well it's Canada Day up Canada way, the first day of July.
We're sitting in the world's most beautiful park, Algonquin, Lake of Two Rivers and the Canadian bacon's frying in a pan.
Oh, and there's a bug in Sam's hot chocolate...
We're going to be making moose-shaped pancakes and we're planning a barbecue tonight with our good friends the Pesky Raneys and life couldn't be any better.
Happy Canada Day to all my fellow buds and to all my good blogging buddies from all over this sunshiney planet.
You have to listen to this song, the ultimate Canada Day tune by everybody's favourite icon, Stompin' Tom Connors.
Have a good one, eh.


  1. Thanks for the song Cath. I,m proud to be a Canadian. Happy Canada day everyone. I would,nt mind a moose pancake, and Sam we all need a little extra protein.

  2. And Happy Canada Day to you too, bloggy bud!

    Nothing like Stompin' Tom to make a national holiday that much more special. Nice vid, eh?

  3. Moose shaped pancakes?

    Sounds fun!

    Happy Canada Day, chica. :)

  4. There's nothing better than spending Canada Day in Muskoka (or Algonquin Park). The long call of the loon echoes over the lake. The air is cool and fresh. There is in it all the new life of the land of the silent pine and the moving waters. Lake Muskoka in the morning sunlight! Don't talk to me of the Italian lakes, or the Tyrol or the Swiss Alps. Take them away. Move them somewhere else. I don't want them. And as for a BBQ and Fireworks tonight in Muskoka, well, don't tell me about the Carnival of Venice and the Delhi Durbar. Don't! I wouldn't look at them. I'd shut my eyes!

    Have a Happy Canada Day Cathy, Dave, Sam & Angus!!

  5. Moose shaped pancakes? Fun!

    Happy Canada Day to you, too. It's so nice to be surrounded by Canadian Blogging Buddies on our country's b-day. :)

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