Monday, July 26, 2010

Countdown Craziness

I Do Countdown: 61 Days

WAIT! Come back, fellas, it's OK!
It's still me, Cathy O, writer of flash fiction, user of F-bombs, your compadre, your pal - don't let all this nasty pink & blue bride stuff fool ya, it's me!
Sit down, ok? Pull up a chair. Pour yourself some joe, or grab a beer. Whatever turns your crank.
Comfy? Need some bug spray or something? Good. I was afraid that my new bridezilla look might turn off a few of my regular blogging buds. Pink isn't necessarily their style. But, for the next two months, it's totally my style!
That's right. Only TWO MONTHS until my wedding day!
Man, I never thought I'd be doing this at my age.
A couple weeks shy of my 50th birthday - yes, I'm that freakin' old - I will be tying yet another knot. Apparently the first knot wasn't tied properly. Something about a hardware cutie that had a knack for knots. I was devastated for a while. After nearly 19 years of marriage I figured I was in it for the long haul. But he had other plans. C'est la vie.
Turns out he did me the biggest favour in the history of favours. If it wasn't for him dumping my sweet ass I never would have met David Cory Webster, who truly is a knight in shining armour. Really, he is. Everyone loves him. My mom loves him - I suspect more than me. My boys love him - even though they call him Bootcamp. The girls at work love him - he fixes their cars and brings complimentary coffee and Ice Caps in for them. Even our favourite lesbian friends are reconsidering their life choices.
He's that good.
But enough about Dave the Conqueror for now. Trust me, I'll be waxing plenty about him in the days to come.
First thing's first, though. Let me assure you this is not becoming a wedding blog. Well, not completely. I want to write all the things I always write about. A bit of fiction, a bit of whining; ok, a lot of whining. The regular stuff. But I also want to make a big deal out of my Big Day.
Funny, you know, getting married a second time. I definitely don't want anywhere near as big a 'do' as the first one was. Everything will be pared down; simpler. At the same time, it's still a very big deal for me and Dave and, most of the time, time passes with very little mention of our plans. Sure, me and Dave talk about it. But it's not like we're young kids anymore. There's no showers, or stags, or family meetings, or ... anything, really. It's all very quiet and simple. And that's the way I want it.
It's just ... well... every once in a while I see a big deal made out of other people's weddings and I get that little glitch in my chest, the one that says, "Hey! I'm getting married, too!"
Dave says he doesn't care about anything. "Just as long as there's you and me and the minister, that's all I care."
Sigh. Told you he was adorable.
So, if there isn't a big deal being made in my real life, I at least want to make a big deal in blogland. Cause if I'm not gonna crow about it, who the heck is?
You, dear, sweet reader, are personally invited to share in my happiness. Why? Because I really like you. I want you involved some way ... y'know, other than wearing a pink, frothy dress.
This is how I want you to help.
I want you to share with me your happiest or funniest wedding moments. And send me a picture! Preferably a happy or funny picture!
This isn't a contest. There's no prize. I just want to spread some love around this old planet. I want to share your bliss.
I don't care if you've been married for 40 years or six months.
I don't care if you're divorced or your spouse has passed away. (Well, I do care... and I'm honestly sorry about your loss.)
I don't even care if you've never been married - surely you have a great pix of you wearing a tacky ugly bridesmaid dress, or getting drunk at your sister's wedding, or something!
If you've got wedding advice, send it!
If you've got ideas or recommendations, send it!
I want this to be a big bridal palooza, a festival of wedding-ness, a celebration of happiness and love, love, love.
For those who have taken the plunge, make sure you tell me what your "first song" was and I'll try to post a clip from youtube.
Oh, this is so exciting, isn't it?
Join me, please, in what surely is one of the happiest times of my life.
Share a smile, share a story, share some love!

Questions? Submissions? Send it here to Love Central.

I can hardly wait to hear from you! In the meantime, big kisses and hugs!


  1. Congratulations, Cathy and Dave!

    Okay, I've never been married, so I don't have stories. Was a bridesmaid once. It was in the 80s, so the dress was slippery- and pink- polyester. Eurgh.

    Just wanted to stop over and wish you all the best, Miss Cathy. Cheers!

  2. "...y'know, other than wearing a pink, frothy dress."

    Yeah, I'm quite fond of pink, but I just can't swing the frothy dress anymore. *Sigh* :D

    Many, many congratulations (to Dave - because Ms. Manners says the bride is owed best wishes and the groom congratulations)

    Married? Me? Well, yes, now you mention it. 2nd. time, in truth (for 14 years this time) and, well, I've had one of each, partners I mean, gender-wise. Life seldom runs in straight (oops, sorry, that was *not* intentional) lines.

    Well anyway, enough about me. I wish you and Dave much, much happiness.

    And enjoy the craziness in the run up to the day.

  3. I'm taking a break from my vacation to tell you that I think you're blog looks ever so cute, and I'm here screaming and pulling out hair along with you. Cause you know, panic needs company. This is so exciting! Oh, I hope someone brought tissues.

    Aaaaannnnd, I get to horn in on your honeymoon. That's pretty exciting too!

  4. Happy Wedding!!!!! Oh this is sooo exciting. I love pink and froth, and champagne and too-sweet cake. Putting on my wisdom hat (and taking some memory enhancers) cuz it's 15 years this past May. Oh what fun... Peace!

  5. Gracie! Send me your bridesmaid picture! Puhleeeese!!!!!
    Kevin - you gotta SPILL, boyfriend! Which gender is best? C'mon, now is NOT the time for being nice - which is best? And you have to send BOTH wedding photos, have to, just have to! Don't even think about arguing with Bridezilla, now!
    Laurita - SQUEEE! Yes, honeymoon! Yes, tissues! Yes, pulling hair! SQUEE! Photos! Stories! Send! Yesssssssss! (No, I'm not excited at all!)
    Linda - Thanks! Yes, pink and froth and champagne and 15 years of marital bliss! Congratulations! You simply MUST share some tales!

  6. "...Kevin - you gotta SPILL, boyfriend! Which gender is best? C'mon, now is NOT the time for being nice - which is best?..."

    Not goin' there, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not! :D

  7. Hmmm...when I got hitched all I could think of was how far away the exit was. I could've (should've) made a mad dash for the door. I knew it as I walked down the aisle crying "I'm such an idiot" tears.

    But...that album has the last pic of me and my grandpa. And I loved my grandpa. I wrote a poem for him--it's buried in my blog somewhere. I'll send it and a pic of Pap-Paw to ya. That's all I want to remember from that day.

    And I'll raise a toast to you and Dave and say, "Rock it Chica Bonita! I know you can." ;)

  8. Hey Cathy ... I thought I went to the wrong blog at first. But a great look it is... Congrats!

    Want to read about my story and getting hitched in Sin City on 777 with ... like 20000 other couples in the 125 degree heat? Check it out... I hope you enjoy.

  9. Umm...same as Ant. I thought I had stumbled on some wedding planner's blog. I was just thinkin' last night that you should update your profile picture and Poof! it was changed (is it manly to say poof?)

    Our wedding went off without a hitch, at least in my opinion, but I could make up some stuff...

  10. OH Kevin - well, if you insist... at least send me ONE picture then.. and a wee tale, too.
    Kat - Oh yes, send Pap-Paw! And your poem! Thanks for the congrats!
    Ant - Yes, yes, yes - and I hope you don't mind if I steal some of it! What a crazy Joisey boy you are!
    Alan - What kind of a wedding planner? Like a J-Lo kind of wedding planner? Cause that would be good! Cause I look so much like her. And did I mention how much you resemble Mathew McConaghey? (Sp?)

  11. Great looking blog, and terrific posting pic of you.
    Exciting times getting hitched, the day is approaching fast!!
    Me and my Dave met when I was 12 at a dance at The New Ark Marina, here on the west side of the lake. We were a summer romance, stayed as friends until my late teens when we started dating seriously and now we've been married 36 years. If I was doing time, I'd be out by now.
    Our wedding day? I don't remember too much other than my dress cost $70 and he wore a frilly shirt. I wanted to walk down the aisle to 'Stand By Me' but we got poo-pooed by the 'establishment'.
    I hope you and Dave will be as happy as me and my Dave are, and be together forever!!

  12. Congratulations and best wishes. It's never ever EVER too late to find the person who's meant for you.

    My wedding was pretty tame, an outdoor affair in a beautiful park. What people seem to like hearing is how my husband and I met: fourth grade, alphabetical order. I started a few days late so the class had to shuffle around and he ended up behind me. He didn't like me at first because I was a better speller, but after a while, my mom says it was always easy to find us after school because we'd be the ones off playing together while everyone was doing something else. We didn't start dating until high school but it's been pretty magical.

  13. Deb and Valerie - I LOVE your stories! Please fill them out a little and email them to me and please, please with sugar on top send me a wedding pix. This is SO much fun!

  14. Cathy, I fee so honored to be able to share this journey with you, and I am so happy for you! Will get to thinkin' on the stories - I must have a few. ;-)

  15. It's never too late to find the right person. I got married 18 years ago when I was 38 to a wonderful guy.

    We went to Vegas. The car broke down on the way there, we had the honeymoon first, my husband's leg kind of collapsed when he said "I do" and I'm very glad that Elvis didn't marry us. :)

  16. You are NOT old. As my dad used to say, not only do I have ties old than you, I have spots on ties older than you. Congrats on the nuptials. Here is my oh-so-very-true wedding tale:

  17. btw, Laura and Ant, Elvis married us and that was 17 years ago...

  18. Ok, I'm wearing a pink frothy dress and high heels while sprinting up and down my hallway practicing elbowing other women to the side and catching the bouquet.

    Oh, and I'm bringing tupperware for my piece of cake for under the pillow. It gets messy otherwise.

    Much happiness to you and your about to be hubby Cathy my luv.

    Karen :0)

  19. Ugh...unlike Karen in her pink frothy dress, I look better in a black bustier...just sayin'

    Michael - I did have to eat my wedding dinner with my fingers...does that count? We went to a medieval dinner show and weren't allowed utensils.

  20. Cathy!! I LOVE that picture of you! Too cute! :)

    Michael! Rock on! That's how you do it! Uh huh, thank ya, thank ya very much. :D

    Naw...if I ever go insane again and fall for the noose--er ah--ring...hehehehe...then I am getting married barefoot on a beach. Get hitched and then lock ourselves in the hotel room for a month! Like the Koolaid guy says..."Oh Yeah!" :D

  21. So Dave fixes your friends cars and brings them coffee? Tell him to knock it off, he'll make the rest of us look bad.

  22. So Laura, you're like "not old" like me and the spots on Michael's ties. Kewl...*laughing at Karen elbowing bridesmaids and talking about firemen on twitter*
    You guys make me laugh! All of you! Every darn one of you!
    So flesh out your comments into full-fledged anecdotes, send em to me in an e-mail, make sure you include either a wedding photo or a bad bridesmaid photo or you toppling into a cake.
    Like that, see?
    Everybody wants to see Mark's wedding photo, and Kat's grandfather and Deb in her $75 dress.
    Y'all have made me smile all day. And I had a crappy day, too - so thanks.

  23. You're right, Cathy, this is too much fun. Sadly (cough) no photos remain of me in the shiny pink bridesmaid/disco dress. It was like 1984, I think, so there was big hair and maroon lip gloss and cranberry high-heel sandals. And pantyhose. I'm a redhead, so I'm sure I was real purty.

    Anyway, much happiness to you and Dave!


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