Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cousin Wendy

This is my cousin Wendy.
That is her hair.
Up until this week, Wendy had the most stunning hair of anyone I knew. In her mid-50s, there wasn't a gray hair on her head. Virgin hair, they call it. No dye had ever touched her tresses.
This is the second time Wendy has cut her hair to provide wigs for cancer patients. And, as a celebration of her retirement, Wendy raised more than $8,000 for cancer research.
Just looking at this photo brings tears to my eyes.
Is there a more beautiful woman than someone like Wendy? So selfless, so brave, so dedicated to her cause.
I am proud to be related to you, cousin. Congratulations on your fundraising, your retirement and for looking gorgeous even after your head is shaved.
You do us Hooper dames proud.
P.S. That's Wendy before the "haircut." Told you she had great hair! Not to worry, though, she says it grows fast and will be back in no time.
In the meantime, see more about her story at her blog. And make sure you click on the link at right, where you can be a part of Wendy's fundraising adventure.


  1. I have always thought of you as a bunch of Pratt dames ... cause I always saw the strength as emanating from Hazel.

  2. She is an absolute inspiration, Cathy...

  3. well done and lots of support your way

  4. What a generous donation on her part. Well done, Wendy! Just an observation, but I think that she looks a bit like Demi Moore (in G.I. Jane, of course).

  5. Good on you Wendy!
    (she does look like Demi Moore!)

  6. It was pretty amazing of Wendy to do that wasn't it! I agree with Mark. Definitly a trait from Grandma Hazel! She was pretty amazing herself! Cathy,great way of honoring Wendy!

  7. Wow .... Your cousin is someone who is really to be admired.

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  8. Wow. Cathy that's amazing!

    Really puts female vanity in check and for an excellent cause. She is absolutely stunning! :)

  9. Thanks Cathy, Wen is an amazing woman of great strength, just like Grandma H. I'll make sure I send this to her!
    Love Kel

  10. Thanks Cathy. I set up a website that your readers can check at http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/Wendy.Bolt
    I have now raised over $9,000 between online donations and cheques/cash given to me. I have a blog too with some pictures. I have to figure out how to connect with yours. I am such a rookie blogger..... Wendy

  11. Hey Mizz Awesomeness! i have put a link on the right side of my blog that will take people to your website. I am already following your blog - if you want to keep up with me (if you're sure you want to) click on "follow" on the right side where all the pictures are and you'll be notified whenever there's something new going on. Congratulations, Wendy, by the way. Your hair will make fabulous wigs. My ex could use on ... I'm just saying...

  12. You have one wonderful cousin, Cathy! And, wow, what gorgeous thick hair she is donating...

    And she does look gorgeous!

  13. We ndy - my neice. You make me feel so proud. Congratulations.

  14. This is so inspiring. And you're right, that is beautiful hair being donated.

  15. Hi Wendy
    At the moment breast cancer is sadly affecting my family, not only my mam, but my 45yr old sister in law Josie. She had a mastectomy just over 3 weeks ago, and now she(Josie)within the next two weeks is facing 5 months of chemo & radiation 5 days a week!. We are all encouraging her and will support her throughout her treatment. She knows it is going to make her very ill, but her biggest fear is losing her(gorgeous curly)hair!, which they have already told her is going to happen!.
    Everything as been very overwhelming & upsetting for her (and us all)and is getting her a bit down.
    I told her I had something to show her, and I just got your pictures up to show her Wendy! and it really made her smile!. She said how beautiful you look, and how women without hair don't look bad at all!.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you, and let you know that you are an inspiration to a scared little gal on this side of the pond!


    p.s You are awesome!!

  16. I just changed my name and put a profile pic on ....so you know what Julie it is!!LOL

  17. I love all these comments. So heartwarming. Julie, your story was touching and amazing. How cool that you connected Josie and Wendy. And so sorry to hear the troubles of your mam. Good luck to her and Josie and everybody who struggles with this horrible disease. And good luck to Wendy on her campaign. Doesn't she just rock?

  18. Bravo, Wendy. What a selfless act of kindness. We need more Wendy's in this world. :)


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