Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Night. Already?

How did it get to be Sunday night?
Friday arrived with such promise - and now, after a hectic weekend, I'm staring down both barrels of another busy week.
Friday night was dinner and quick euchre with The Girls. The caramel tiramisu was to die for.
Saturday was a full round of laundry, shopping and cooking, with bits of blogging thrown in for good measure.
Saturday night was an all-out Euchre Pot Luck Fest with Lynda and Roger as our gracious hosts. Paula and Nico brought couscous that was fantastic, Roger grilled chicken thighs, Lynda cooked rice and beans, Leah and Vic brought spinach salad with strawberries and I toted the world's best potato salad. For dessert we noshed on wild blueberry cobbler and rhubarb streusel. We ate and played cards in their beautiful, beautiful garden, all decked out in white Christmas lights and moonrays, soft music playing in the background, the scent of flowers and laughter ringing out into the moonlit summer sky.
Today was interesting. Dave and I went to a wedding shower for Dave's ex-wife's nephew. Now, I'm a pretty well-adjusted chick and Dave's ex-inlaws are good people; great people, really. I like them a whole lot. Still, hanging with Dave's ex and her relatives is a little high on my weird detector.
When I get there I'm always quiet (me, quiet - amazing, I know), battling the flight or fight adrenaline that's coursing through my butter-encrusted veins. After a few hours of fine conservation and amazing food it's time to go and I'm hugging everybody like they're long-lost friends. Mary slow-roased barbecued pulled pork and, halleluiah jesus, it was better than se....ntence structure.
Tonight we met up with my ex and picked up the boys. We met them in the parking area where Dave will be taking them on a wilderness camping adventure next weekend. They're in the house right now planning how many pepperettes and fish worms they'll need to pack.
I'm outside in the gazebo, blogging and watching the traffic go by.
We live on a very quiet country road. We're lucky to see a dozen cars go by on a regular day. But apparently there's been a grass fire on the main highway so traffic is being rerouted down our lane. It's crazy seeing all these cars racing along our road, that meanders so curvaceously along the banks of the Muskoka River.
That's me, by the way, sleeping in the hammock on the Saturday of Canada Day weekend at Algonquin Park. I was so out of it I had no idea Dave took my photo. I was beyond tired. Life is so hectic. Sometimes you just need a hammock, a blankie and some shut-eye to recharge.
Oh, I've never seen a photo of me sleeping before.
I look grumpy, don't you think?


  1. You look cozy. Hope you're recharged. My weekend was like yours, except we hosted the party. Good times, good days, just tired. Off to find a hammock. Peace...

  2. You were probably subconsciously working on your next #fridayflash. A horror, of course. Grrrrr!

  3. No, it's Tuesday. But damn, I drop out of blogland for four freaking days and a whole freight train goes rattling by the Muskoka River. No wonder you're tired.

    I've been the same way for the past week. Tired. All I've wanted to do after work is eat and sleep sleep sleep.


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