Monday, September 27, 2010

The Honeymooners

Bloody hell that was a good caesar!
(Cornwall East Side Mario's Sunday night)
The wedding was perfect. 
Maybe not perfect but perfect by my standards. But I'm not going to bore you with the details right now ... later, for sure, but I won't get pictures back from the photographer for at least a couple of weeks so I might as well wait.
In the meantime, Dave and I are on an adventure, also known as a honeymoon. 
We're going to Newfoundland because we hear it's amazing and because we wanted to go somewhere brand new to both of us. A real fresh start, so to speak. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride as we navigate through dreaded Montreal, try not to be seasick on the ferry and say howdy to two of my favourite blogger-dudes, Laurita Miller and Alan Davidson.
Right now, at this very minute, we're entering Quebec. Stayed in Cornwall last night at a most awesome motel, the Super 8. Gina was at the front desk (Gina the Goddess) and she gave us the Jacuzzi executive suite for the price of a regular room. We soaked in the tub, went for a swim in the indoor pool, had dinner at East Side Mario's and generally had way too good of a time.
I'd write better... and I'd write more ... but I'm in the car right now and am feeling a little nauseous... the road is also kinda bumpy and it's hard to fins rhe rihgt kyes.
Here's some random pix from the last few days:
Sam was quite happy to finish pomp-pomp duties for us Thursday.
Hey, anything's better than school.

On the evening of our wedding we had dinner at Deerhurst Resort
in Huntsville, Ontario. It's quite the splashy joint - where world leaders
met for this year's G8 Summit. The woman standing, at right, was
our amazing waitress. I have never enjoyed a better meal or finer
service. I love this picture because of the roses from our bridal bouquets
and the sparkling glassware.
Dave's nephew Tim, a.ka. The Choirboy, and his sex kitten wife, Natalie,
with my favourite cake maker Leah. At least Tim smiled!
Our good friends Roger and Lynda were all smiles. Roger tried the elk
and said it was amazing. Lynda had the beef tenderloin, same as Dave.
I tried Dave's and it was the best piece of meat I've ever had.
Natalie said her food tasted better with a straw up her nose.
Dave's brother Tom, his wife Sue; Dave's brother Mackie and his wife Bonita.
Sorry about the picture, Bonnie. It's rather unfortunate but I love how Tom
is laughing in this one.
The morning after the wedding: Dave's pants were too big so he put on his
wedding suspenders. He reminds me a little bit of TV announcer
Kevin Frankish. Handsome dude, eh?
This was our condo at Deerhurst. NICE...
On the road at 1 p.m. We came back from Deerhurst, unpacked wedding
stuff and packed honeymoon stuff.
We left all our pomp-pomps on the Jeep and people keep beeping at us and
waving! It's TOO much fun! One OPP officer pulled alongside us and
gave us a big thumb's up and a smile before zooming ahead. 
Our room at the Super 8 in Cornwall. Better than Deerhurst! Luxe, luxe, luxe!
Dave in the jacuzzi - right beside the bed, pratically!
(He wouldn't pose nekkid for me - he knew this would
end up on the blog)


  1. These are awesome photos! And you look so _relaxed_ in the motel photo. Phew - just days and days of togetherness and relaxation ahead of you. ENJOY!

  2. AAaaahhhhh So FUN, everyone looks happy and happy and maybe even happy. :D

  3. Beautiful! I'm happy for you guys. Have a wonderful time.

  4. THis is so great, lovin' the color commentary, keep it coming!XO

  5. Sounds like great fun Cathy and Dave! Loved the pics! Looking forward to the next commentary!

  6. Congrats again, Cathy! I just know you and Dave will have a wonderful time! (And am secretly jealous you are going to Newfoundland and meeting Laurita and Alan!)

    Happy travels Mrs W!

  7. You have put the biggest smile on my face. I am so happy for the both of you, and I am loving reading about your adventure.

    I hope to read more... soon :-P

  8. Yay! Can't wait for you guys to get here! I hope our semi-nice weather holds out.

    I drove by the Deerhurst once. They wouldn't let me in, but it looked nice from the outside. Now I get to see how the other half lives. And what a suite!

    Travel safe.

  9. Wedding dinner pics look great! Looking forward to reading about your excellent adventure to The Rock.

  10. You are the queen of the candid shots...remind me never to be around you when you have a camera!
    Have a fabulous time on your trip!

  11. Congrats!! What an exciting time! Love the pictures and can't wait to hear how it goes. Have a great time during your travels. :)

  12. Nice hotel room!

    Great pics. I'm so happy for you, Chica!

    Enjoy each other, love well, and savor the day. :)


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