Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taking A Shower

I Do Countdown: 13 Days
Peeps, pasta and presents! The goils gathered at one of my favourite
restaurants, East Side Mario's in Huntsville, for a "surprise" bridal shower
yesterday. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Vic snapped this picture at the end
of the "do" so dear sweet Laura (the nicest funniest bean counter I've ever met)
had already gone home, but here's the rest of the A-listers. From left is Lisa, who works
with me at the paper; Leah, who made the yummy cake and is doing our wedding cake
as well; my future sister-in-law Bonnie, who is also running for council in Joly;
me and my boa - aren't I beeuuutiful? my gorgeous and funny mother, Dot;
my other future sister-in-law, Sue, who loves camping as much as I do; my funny
sparkplug of an aunt, Bingo Mary;  my dear maid of honour, Tammy, who
(along with Leah and Vic) organized the shower and will look gorgeous in her dress;
and my friend Gail, who is also my boss at work, so I have to kiss butt
(smooch, smooch -doesn't she look pretty????). 

My Mom and Auntie Mary: now these two are trouble!
Gail, who looks real good in my boa, and Vic, who hates having her
picture taken!
Mmmmmm, cake.... Leah made this!
Isn't it beautiful? And it tasted great, too!
Leah and Lisa - cute as bug's ears, these two.
The Webster girls: Sue is married to Tom and Bonnie is married to
Max and, in 13 days, I'll be married to baby brother, Dave.
The lovely corsage that Tammy bought for me. Thanks, Tammy!
Tammy is my maid of honour and she wears that title very,  very well.
Thanks, Tammy, for all your help, all your support, all your everything.
You're the best! Now, next time, let me take your picture!
The gang's all here (except Laura, but if you imagine a pretty blonde
lady with a great sense of humour, that's Laura). Thanks everybody for
coming, for making the day special, for making me feel special,
for all the great presents and all the laughs, and for being the best
friends and family anyone could ask for.


  1. It sounds like you had great fun!

  2. What fun! The great day is almost there, you must be soo excited! :D

  3. Well it appears that you had the perfect Bridal Shower. Surrounded by good womenfolk, showered with gifts and eating pasta. Life doesn't get much better than that! Delightful happy photos too, by the way.

  4. Hey, that's sweet of the gals to get together for a wee shower (I shall refrain from an adolescent joke about staying clean...). You just can't go wrong at Eastside Mario's, hey budda...


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