Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The rolling blueberries and Canadian Blog Awards

You know, when you've just rolled out of that sweet, comfy spot in the middle of the double-wide, and you're plopped on the Big White Throne having that morning tinkle, the first and best tinkle of the day, and you suddenly hear an explosion of FECK, FECK, FECK out in the kitchen, that it would be wise to slither back down the hall and stealth your sorry (but narrowing) buttocks back to the sheets. 

You know that – intellectually – right? But asking, "What's wrong, sugar-pie, honey-bunches?" is as irresistible as rubbernecking at a car wreck.

And thus I wandered into the kitchen in my ever increasingly baggy and attractive gotchies to see my husband crawling around the kitchen floor, cursing like a sailor with a pocketful of new cusses. He was picking up blueberries. Tons of blueberries. Two clamshell containers of blueberries, to be exact.

"The feck-feckitty-fecking things EXPLODED," he growled.

Exploding blueberries. 

Huh, I thought. 

I surreptitiously slunk back to the bathroom and ran some water while I hid behind the shower curtain. When the fecking and the growling was done and I heard my honey-bunny's voice say, in its regular happy tone, "Hey, where are you," I came out all casual-like, pretending I was oh-so-busy cleaning something or washing something or, you know, doing unmentionable bathroom stuff.

That's my tip of the day, people. When there's rolling blueberries and fecking in the kitchen, run like the wind. (I didn't get to be my advanced age without wind-running.)

OH. And by the WAY. The lovely Mizz Thang Laurita Miller, who is all that and a bag of partridgeberries, the Queen of all things Writerly in Newfoundland, dropped me a line yesterday to say she discovered we were BOTH nominated in different categories of the Canadian Blog Awards. Luckily we are in different categories because Laurita would kick my butt all the way to Labrador in any kind of contest. Last year she won first prize in the CBA's culture and literature category (big woots to you, Mizz Thang!) so, as you can clearly see, Laurita is a creative force to be reckoned with.

The CBAs are a voting contest. People everywhere are invited to visit the CBA website and vote in each of the many categories. If you would like to vote for Laurita, you can find her Calling Shotgun blog in the Culture and Literature category, as well as Best Blog Post. (She is very deserving in both and I have already voted for her – I hope you do, as well.) 

If you would like to throw a vote my way, go to the Best Personal Blog category. There's a ton of competition in this category and it has been won by the same fellow for the last several years. So if you can find it in your heart to give this champion a run for his money, well, by all means feel free to vote for me!!!!! 

You only get one vote in this leg of the competition, which closes on Christmas Eve. After that, though, the five finalists in each category will go through another round of voting. So if you really want to vote for Laurita and I (me and Laurita? I never get that straight), you can vote again after Christmas.

Thanks to Laurita and Paula and all my friends for the Facebook support. And to Liz, Kelly, John, Debi, Mandy and Debbie, who wrote amazing, touching, wonderful comments on the CBA website (brought me to tears, they did), thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Hugs to you all!


  1. Went there...did that.

  2. The wild voting rumpus. Haha! I love that.

    I'm glad I'm not up against you. Yikes! There's no way I'd stand a chance (especially given I'd probably vote for you myself).

    Hope you take the crown.

  3. Also went there, did that. :)

    Wind-running is a talent attributable to a long life.

  4. Thank you Delores! YOU should totally be on this list, by the way!
    And oh, puh-leese, Laurita, you'd win the contest hands down because, as I said, you are the Queen. (I am so not worthy)
    Laura, you and me, we know the value of a fast exit.

  5. You got my votes, both of you. And not just because you're both so cute.

  6. I'm up for a rumpus!

    Votes coming your way soon...

  7. Mike Robertson, you sweet talker, you! Made me all blushy when I saw your comment!

    And Alan, you're up for a rumpus? With your poor broken back? You're such a trouper!

  8. I saw the article in The Weekender and voted for you. Please return the favour. I'm currently 2nd in a worldwide short screenplay contest. The winner gets produced. Go to , press the circle for The Gunfighter's Code, click 'vote'. I'm the only Muskokan & Canadian in the contest. Hope you win yours- thanks for helping me with mine. Randy Brown, Cottage Cravings, Gravenhurst.

  9. Hi Randy! Guess what? I already did! I saw the story about your contest on the paper's online version and immediately went and voted for you! I hope you win! I think it's fantastic to have a Muskokan/Canadian in the contest. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

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