Friday, November 20, 2009

This One's For You, Gussy

I was saving this for Angus's wedding but that seems like way too far away for embarrassment fodder. Besides, I've got tons more embarrassing pictures of my first-born child, enough for two or three weddings.
Let's hope he just has one, though.
It gets expensive the other way. And, really, who needs more than one crock pot?
Honestly, this pix does not do Gus justice. He's actually a pretty good-looking kid. I often wonder how in the hell someone like me hatched someone as cute as him. (Of course, both my kids are gorgeous – gawd, I just about fell into the "not treating my kids equally" trap which can lead to a lifetime of regret and counselling and "mom always liked you better" and horseshit like that.)
Suffice it to say, he is a cutie. He's on his second girlfriend and he's only 12.
Twelve! Doesn't that seem a trifle young for a girlfriend? I was hoping I'd be old(er) and senile(r) before I had to worry about stuff like girlfriends.
He wanted to go to the Santa Claus Parade tonight. He hasn't been interested in Santa Claus Parades since he was six! But his girlfriend was going to be there. So away he went.
"Looking forward to the parade, are you?" I asked.
"Oh yeah," he said in his newly lowered voice. "It should be cool."
Cool, eh?
Oh, gotta go... I think I hear him at the door. Parade must be over.
Gotta post this embarrassing photo before he gets here.
Love ya Gus!

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  1. My son just turned 16. Girlfriends - BLEAH!! They're vile creatures. I can't believe I ever WAS one.


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