Thursday, February 18, 2010

No More Happy

Oh my lord, yesterday's post was a long one.
My trigger finger got tired just scrolling down the damn thing. So I'm writing this to push it down the river, get rid of it for now.
In place of all those happy-sappy photos, I give you this drivel, a blank page with some words stuck on it. Yeah, sucky, I know, but it's got to be better than all that happy horseshit that has been posted here ever since "The Big Day."
I look at it and, even though I'm the happy one, I still get all saccharinated.
Somebody put a tongue depressor in my mouth, I'm sugary and shaking.
Hey, I just finished writing #fridayflash for tomorrow. I don't understand why it's #fridayflash and not #thursdayflash because the fact is it gets written on Thursday. Well, except the first time I wrote it. The first time it was Friday night. Late Friday night. I only wrote something fiction-ey because I had nothing non-fictioney to write about. 
So I just made something up.
Since then I've been making all kinds of crap up.
It's fun. It's like getting paid to lie, only without being paid.
Tomorrow's flash is a good 'un, if I do say so myself.
And of course, I do.


  1. I always "try" to have mine started on Wednesday. I usually post it on late Thursday. Why? I dunno. Can't wait to share it. We're all entitled to some kiddish glee. ^_^

  2. I wanted to post mine on Thursday last week but CJ wouldn't let me. I bet she never peeks at her Christmas presents, either.

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