Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm nesting.
Or something.
Painted the bedroom last night. Well, gave it one coat. Tonight will be coat two. By the looks of it, Thursday might be coat three.
That's what happens when you paint child-poo brown over eye-burning white.

Not to worry, though, fellow Muskoka writer-chicks.
I will be coming to my inaugural meeting of the Muskoka writer-chicks. Can hardly wait.
Am nervous, though.
Not sure I'll bring anything tonight. Just want to scope you out. See how hot and heavy the criticism gets. See how Paula's tea is. See if there's any biscuits. See if there's any good gossip.
Who's kidding who... women? writers? Gossip is a given.
And who's kidding who... me? writer? poser? We'll see.

My master plan is thus: I will start painting coat two of child-poo brown before meeting, then dash off, leaving the other human in this household to finish the job.
Then I will flatter him.


  1. child-poo brown - is that the official listing on the back of that little card thingy? :)

    Have fun at your writer meeting. I'm a little jealous. As much as I love all my blogging buddies, I think it would be fun to have real live interaction too. Don't forget to share that gossip.

  2. Why did you pick child-poo brown? :D

  3. Laurita, that SHOULD be the official listing on the back of that little card thingy... unfortunately it's Opulent Ginger which, while sounding less uncouth, is far less descriptive of the actual colour.

    Laura: it's actually a nice colour... nice, if you like child poo, I guess ... it matches the bedspread and coordinates with the artwork and should look downright decorator with our NEW IKEA FURNITURE... Did I mention NEW IKEA FURNITURE?
    It's the black Hemnes series, in case you don't want to copy and paste that nasty long address into your browser.

    And yes, tonight.. excited about this writer's circle meeting.
    If we do see you, Laurita, in Newfoundland, it will be just like that. Do you know Alan in person, by the way? You guys should get your own circle going.

  4. I loved having you at our writers' circle, Cathy! Sorry there weren't any biscuits... Will you come back next month anyway?

  5. Ha! Child-poo brown, eh? Ours was called "cowpoke", but I believe it was the same color.
    How exciting to have a face-to-face with area bloggers! Did it go well? I can't imagine it wouldn't ... Do tell!

  6. The meeting was outstanding!
    Very small, intimate, in Paula's beautiful living room, with Sasha's artisan tea. Paula read some micro-short fiction she's been working on (really loved it, Paula, I think it's your "thing"); Dawn shared a short story she is submitting to a local writer's contest (it's great, Dawn, loved the ending); and Sasha did a run-through of a journaling workshop she's giving on the weekend. Oh, I read 'Plain Charlene', a short piece I wrote for Laurita's ocean contest.
    Everyone was wonderful, offering GENTLE advice on how to improve the writing as well as lots of praise.
    I felt very safe, which is important when you're sharing something so personal.
    None of the women are avid bloggers, although Paula has blogged in the past, but I told them about my addiction.
    One thing that's so similar about the writer's circle is the level of support you have from other bloggers. Talking to you all is like being in Paula's living room, without the tea.
    Thanks to Paula, Dawn, Sasha and Tracy for allowing me into the group. Looking forward to next month!
    And thanks to all my blogging friends for being, well, such good friends.

  7. That's so cool! I had a similar experience with my OU writing classes. I really liked getting together with other students and hammering out a piece--or just polishing one.

    I'm so glad for you, that you found a group of fellow writers to chat with.

    Re: it's not my walls. Lmao. "Then I will flatter him." Yup. That's the way you do it. Lol.

  8. @ Laurita: My bets are on Cathy to win your contest. What a story! And I'm looking forward to checking out your writing, too. A high recommendation from Cathy holds weight with me :)

  9. Good luck with the writer's group!

    LOL at the poo colour. I'm the son of a painter, after all...


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