Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fredericton to North Sydney

Dave lookin' sexy at the Best Western in Fredericton.
We were on the road at 8 a.m. and it was raining cats and dogs.
There was an election here last night - apparently the Liberals
got tossed. Who knew?

We actually got lost looking for the Magnetic Hill, driving right by
this super-subtle unobvious sign. In my defence, the last time I was here
(about 16 years ago), the Magnetic Hill was just a simple dirt road out in the
New Brunswick countryside. Now it's a goldurned theme park
complete with zoo and restaurants and all kinds of crap.
A zoo? Really?

How it works. And it works! Really! It works!

At the bottom of the Magnetic Hill. It's a hill, right? Well, the good old
Jeep went right up that hill backwards, in neutral! Incredible!
They say it's an optical illusion but that looks like a hill to me.
What do you think?

Yup. Another province. We were suh-moking fast.

At the Welcome to Nova Scotia tourist information place on the Bay of
Fundy flatlands. I only put this picture in because my hair looks good.
Good hair is important.

Dave doing the pomp-pomp count. We only had 20 left at the tourist
welcome place in Nova Scotia. By the end of the day, though, we had lost
all the pomps on the roof racks. The last one I saw leave was on Cape
Breton Island.

Pugwash: where the Raneys take their dog Tyson to get bathed.

I drove, too! Even though I looked like a crazed chipmunk!

Ooooh, cool diner alert! This one was a Petro-Canada gas station just off the
main highway near Glenhomme. The place was full of men and older
couples. The men were truckers and workers. The seniors know great
food and great value when they see it. This place was GREAT!

My club sandwich was about the best club I've ever had. Honest.

Usually Dave's sandwich is known as a western but not in Nova Scotia.
Here they called it an eastern. Whatever they call it, it was delish.
And look at the size of it! Also in Glenhomme.

My name is Webster. I'm a mother.
I don't know how to open my eyes but I'm a mother.

"Stool Bus." hahahahaha! Near the Canso Causeway, Mulgrave Nova Scotia,

Cool cliffs, Mulgrave, Nova Scotia.

Crossed the Canso Causeway. Welcome to Cape Breton!

The first thing we saw in Cape Breton was a dead moose head tied to
a fourwheeler on a trailer. Welcome to Cape Breton!

Dinner at Pizza Delight in North Sydney, Cape Breton. Should be called
Pizza-Not-A-Delight. Suckage,  people, suckage. Look close in the
mirror to see Dave leaving the joint.

North Sydney sunset.

Annfield Manor, the B&B we are staying in tonight before hopping
the ferry to Newfoundland tomorrow. Can hardly wait!
This place, by the way, is just amazing. Stunning Victorian
atmosphere. Incredible antiques. Beautiful rooms.

Annfield Manor: bath mat.

Annfield Manor: our clawfoot tub.

Annfield Manor: our four poster bed; my laptop.

Annfield Manor: the knocker on the front door.

Annfield Manor: our dresser.

Annfield Manor fountain.

Annfield Manor: the garage is full of antique sleighs.

Annfield Manor: the gardens are beautiful.

People get married in the gardens at Annfield Manor, often
at the gazebo.

Annfield Manor: the official greeter. Works for food.
I hear the breakfasts here are great - let you know tomorrow.
(Hope it's not hay.)


  1. Loved the pictures! And you're so right - good hair IS important. Yours looked great...

    Don't suppose you and Dave were behind the shower curtain

    Cathy Webster. Lovely ring to it, eh?

  2. Excellent photos! And your hair does look great.

    Mrs. Cathy Webster, thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us. :)

  3. Hey Cathy, marriage looks good on you! Enjoying the pics and commentary as you go thru your trip! Love the official greeter! (Of course!) Looks like an incredible place to go.

  4. Great pictures! Steal the bath mat!!!!

  5. Nice pics, Cathy! The clubhouse sandwich really caught my eye...nice looking B&B.

    Forecasting 15C and isolated showers on Thursday and 17C and a bit cloudy on Friday. The good news is there are no hurricanes forecast at all! Call when you get settled on Thursday.

  6. Your classic, straight out of the movies, romantic B&B. The one you will return to on your 10 year anniversary??? Looks like you are having a great time. Wish I was there.... and you're are glad I'm not, so have fun for me. I look forward to a ton more pictures

  7. GREAT PICS, CATHY! Since I never go anywhere anymore, I'm living vicariously through them.

  8. That B&B looks amazing! Looks like you guys are having a great time.

    I had to laugh when I saw your Mother Webb photo. We drove that way this summer and every few kms there was a sign that said Mother Webbs in so many kms. Then the huge sign announcing that you have arrived. Hilarious.

    That's a nice sunset photo too.

  9. Me too Ant! :D

    Oh Cathy...the windswept, "I just got hitched," look is gorgeous on you! Your blog makes me smile every time I drop by.

    Hugs! :)

  10. Great pictures. Jack and I wish both of you a great time and wonderful life.

  11. Hey Cathy, your post about Fredericton is great!
    If you have time please leave us a comment of your experience in New Brunswick and a link to your post on our New Brunswick Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/TourismNewBrunswick or on Twitter - we're @SeeNewBrunswick and @NB_Culture!


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