Wednesday, September 29, 2010

North Sydney to Port Aux Basques

Breakfast at Annfield Manor, North Sydney. Incredibly good coffee.
Elegant setting. Delicious food.

Hey Sam, we took this picture for you! In North Sydney this morning.

The really lovely, friendly lady who welcomed us to the ferry dock.

The mouth of the ferry boat is open, ready for cars and trucks to board.

A tractor trailer drives on to the ferry. Incredible that so many heavy
vehicles fit on a boat!

Cormorants hang around at the North Sydney docks.

And a-wake we go!

Dave looks great with a Canadian flag sticking out of his head.

Me. Seasick. Doped up on Gravol. In the background, our first glimpse
of "The Rock."

Land ahoy! Thank god!

Port Aux Basques looks so scenic and charming from the vantage point
of the ferry.

Our very comfortable hotel, up on a hill overlooking the harbour and the town.
The St. Christopher's is a fine place with an awesome restaurant.

We're about to drive off the ferry. The folks who work there have the
loading and unloading down to a science. Everything goes smooth as silk.
Except for my stomach.

Saying good-bye to our ferry and hello to Newfoundland!

The view from our hotel parking lot. Doesn't this house look so inviting?
Tomorrow the weather forecast here is for sunshine and warm weather.
Looking forward to driving across the province tomorrow and arriving in
St. John's tomorrow night.


  1. Too bad about the queasy feeling. Port aux Basques looks absolutely charming. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. Sorry you had a rough passage over, but it looks like it was well worth it. Enjoy, drink, and make merry...for tomorrow you can do it all over again.
    Oh and I agree the red house looks really cozy, I think I could live with that.

  3. Too bad about sick Cathy. Har! I'm just glad the ferry got there on time! Have a safe drive across the island. I'm sure the 10 hours will just fly by!

  4. Blech! Seasickness sucks (I speak from long experience), but it's over now and I know you'll have a blast in Newfoundland. :)

  5. Great pics! That flag pole looks like it would hurt, but Dave is still smiling...

  6. What a wonderful time. I have been so long without Internet. Congratulations!!!!!!


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