Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Doesn't Freeze But The River Does

When snow falls in a forest, can anybody hear?

The river has finally frozen over.
Lakes in Muskoka have been frozen for ages and most have a foot or more of good ice. The river, as sluggish as it may seem in July, moves along at a fancy enough clip to keep the ice at bay until winter has its hooks well into January.
It starts freezing at the edges, in the corners, furtively, where the current isn't as strong. Then it sneaks into the main stream, one crystal at a time, until the river succumbs to bitter temperatures and the ice seals it like a tomb.
Last weekend I thought about fishing off the dock, just for something to do. People around here spend at lot of time and energy dragging fish shacks onto the lake, when we could just cast a line into open water. I mentioned the idea to Dave and he was game but we couldn't at the time because we were going somewhere and we were busy and life just got in the way.
The other day I realized the river had frozen over.
Another missed opportunity.
Another moment gone.


  1. Nothing quite as magical as watching the water on a lake or river slowly freeze.

  2. What a beautiful picture.

    The Mississippi has not frozen over but has been reduced, width wise, by quite a bit!


  3. An ode to the one that got away. Does it get thick enough on the river to skate? Beautiful picture!

  4. Love the photo. I thought ya'll drilled holes in the ice to fish, eh?

  5. I live in the forest. Been snowing for three damned days. I can't stop hearing the stuff. I keep trying to put Mother Nature on mute and she only gets angrier and angrier.

  6. Lou - it is! Why don't cha come up and see it some time?
    Deb - I know... and you think it happens so slowly and then it seems to happen before your very eyes.
    Pearl - does the Mississippi ever freeze over? (Such a spectacular river.. ours is a crick by comparison)
    Harry - Nah, I'd never trust it to skate on. I wouldn't even try walking on it.
    Mark - Well usually we do ice fish through holes! But we thought it might be cool to sit from the dock and cast off .. never done it before. Oh well.. there's always next year.
    John - Never fool with Mother Nature! BY THE WAY - I'm so excited that you're the 99th follower!!! Woo HOOO!!!!! Now I'm all like giddy wondering if there'll be a 100th and who it'll be... exciting times! I can't believe there are so many!!!

  7. On a sadder note, I heard the River took someone today. Sounded like it was in the Huntsville area.

  8. I didn't know until you mentioned it, Ed. You're right, it is sad. http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/news/article/930385--police-retreive-body-of-missing-woman-from-muskoka-river

  9. I think you're at your most splendid when you write about your river. You bring it to life. Your blood flows in thy stream. Your river is stunning when it's frozen and it's beauty is caught in ice sculptures.

  10. I remember a scene in a movie where a guy was skating for miles on a river and I thought that would be pretty cool. Believe me I learned not to trust the ice in Florida to hold me. As a kid I couldn't resist trying but I was always getting in trouble for getting my school clothes muddy. :)

  11. I remember ice fishing. Perhaps the middle will thaw enough for you to cast your line. While you're waiting, enjoy that beauty.

  12. Yeah, I was surprised that I wasn't already following you, Cathy. These things slip my mind when I routinely read somebody's blog. Easy to forget I didn't tick a box. Now let's find you a 100th timer.


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