Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Damned Door Contest Winners

I was trying to think of a J-word for Damned Door Contest Winners and Jackpot was the closest thing I came up with before I lost patience.

Jackpot because HARRY B. SANDERFORD WON ONE! Woot and Woo and Woo-diddy-doo! Yes folks, our beloved Friday Flash Florida Surfing Cowboy came up with six correct answers in my Damned Door Contest! Yep, he got six out of 20 correct ... and he beat out everybody else! (Suddenly another J-word springs to mind .... jack-shit ... I don't know why....)

Second prize goes to Debbie Adams of My Great White North. She got five answers pegged.

And third prize is a big fat tie between Umbrella Lady Kathy at Quilt Seams Just Right, Jon Strother of Mad Utopia, PJ Kaiser of Inspired by Real Life and Laura Eno at A Shift in Dimensions. All of these guys got four correct guesses.

Here's how the rest of the entries fared: Optomistic Lynda had three correct answers; so did GP Ching of So Write, Deanna Schrayer of The Other Side of Deanna, Linda of Leftbrainwrite and Mark Kerstetter of The Bricoleur. Tomara Armstrong of This, That & The Other Thing, Olivia Tejeda of Away With Words, Carrie Clevenger, Author and Creator of Crooked Fang, and Alan W. Davidson of Conversations From Land's Edge got two correct guesses. And Tony Noland, dear, sweet, Landless Tony, had one correct answer - yes, it was his door!

I'll be sending first, second and all those cotton-pickin' third prize winners some prizes. If you're Harry, Debbie, Kathy, Jon, PJ or Laura, please send me an e-mail with your mailing address. To the rest of you, I send my undying love and admiration, as well as some air kisses.

And now, here's the doors with their correct answers:

Pamila Payne


Laurita Miller

Lou Freshwater

Carrie Clevenger

Michael Solender

Alan Davidson

Umbrella Lady Kathy

Mark Kerstetter

Laura Eno

Jenn Jilks

Harry B. Sanderford

GP Ching

Tony Noland

Debbie Adams


Jon Strother

Olivia Tejeda

Mari Juniper

Debi Davis
It's kind of funny that more people didn't get more correct answers. I thought some of the entries were dead giveaways, like Alan W. Davidson hanging his red fez at the front of the door. Or Laura Eno with her skeleton. Or Pamila Payne - her photo is in moody black and white just like all the photos on her blog. Tony Noland is always writing about renovating his house and there's a bucket of drywall compound (or is it paint?) beside his front door. Debbie Adams' boathouse door perfectly describes her 'great white north' theme going on at her blog. And Mark Kerstetter is an artiste who often mentions his perennial state of house renovation, so it's no surprise his one-of-a-kind door is a work in progress.

Anyway, I had a tremendous time giggling at everyone's answers. Thank you so much for sending me your doors and for guessing. Even if nobody else had fun, I certainly did! Love you guys - I really, really do.


  1. woot - wtg hal! who ever knew you could tell so much about someone from the door? their drawers maybe but their doors?

  2. This contest was great fun Cathy. It is pretty funny how you can tell someone by just a door.

  3. OMG - I didn't realize that was his red fez in the picture. I thought it was some sort of decoration. This was fun. Now that I see the answers it all makes complete sense. Congrats to the winners!

  4. I am surprised I got as many right as I did. I just guessed. I think I got Laura's and Jon's right... no idea who else I lucked into ;-)

    Fun contest, Cathy!

    I'm with GP I didn't know that was a fez until now, I thought it was a letter sticking out of an old mail slot or something. Now it's OBVIOUSLY a fez. geez :-P

  5. Congrats to Harry, the door psychic~ I will hereafter refer to him as 'doorguy'. Thanks to Cathy for putting on this contest.

  6. Lotsa fun, Cathy! I'm pleased as punch to have gotten 1 door correct. Very surprising. Congrats to the winners -- enjoy your goodies! Peace...

  7. Hahaha! I can't believe it. I surely hope my good guessing extends through the Kentucky Derby!

    Alan, I kind of like Door Psychic.

    MJB, is that next contest? Matching authors to their drawers? Why NOT?

    Cathy your Damn Door contest was most fun because of your Damn enthusiasm for it! Can't believe my luck! Thanks and congrats to all the other door prizes!

  8. Guessing is just not my thing. I think that's why I stay away from the ruelette table in Vegas. The Doors door still makes me chuckle.

  9. Who the hell is MJB? I meant MJS!

  10. Harry, you're just so excited you're beside yourself! Congrats, my friend, you are a good guesser!
    MJS - Who's Hal? LOL (Am waiting for Laura's comment - I think you're in big trouble!)
    Laurita - thanks!!!!
    GP - It is a decoration - for National Fez Day. It's a big thing in Canada.
    Tomara - You thought it was a letter? I thought it was the arse of Alan's red flannel underpants.
    Linda - Goodies - I love Goodies... even thought they're not as good-ie as they used to be...
    Alan - I was amazed so few people recognized your door! Amazed! Maybe if you sat on your front porch in your fez it might help.
    Cheeseboy - Guessing isn't your thing but you're pretty darn good at panhandling.. love that clip on your blog. You're hilarious!

  11. I'm amazed I got four! This was so much fun, especially because of your enthusiasm, Cathy.
    Michael - that's not my mum, that's the last friend who crossed me... *cue shark music*
    I love, love LOVE Pamela's door. It looks so mysterious.

  12. I meant to say I really like Debbie Adams' Oar Door. I guessed it to be Laurita's though because of her kayak story.

  13. DoorJamb, girl! Or better yet: Punk-Ass-Door-JAM-Yo!

    I was so sure that canoe paddle door was Alan's. Debbie Adams, I love your door. And the painted ornament on Lou's door is so charming. Pamila'a was easy, and I should have guessed Laura's, but I thought I was being clever by attributing Laura's door to Laurita - knowing she likes scary stuff. I think I guessed Harry's, which somehow got me close to Jackpot. I think Olivia's door is very handsome, and Mari's is the most mysterious, just something about that "A". What made this guessing game most difficult was too many Colonial-style doors. But lots of fun.

  14. Great contest btw.. and missed it !! Well, it was great to read the answers first ;)

    Following you from A-Z challenge!

  15. Sigh... Jim Morrison... Sigh. Probably an asshole and a bit smelly in real life, but yum...

    This was a hysterical and super fun idea.

  16. Been browsing around your blog...love it.
    Thanks for dropping in on thefeatherednest.

  17. Hey you guys -- I missed all the door'liberations and guessing and voting door'ing my mom's heart surgery time (re-repaired was successful!) ... and really thank Mrs Webster for letting my 'proxy' chime in ... but WOWZERS! What a cool setup and cool peekings and cool details and MJB-MJS (of course) having cool effect like "an open door policy". Har sent me over and now I know why - he's prouder than a doorbell to have rung this winner ... but your enthuse Cathy is the open door for all of us.

    Congrats on how you whip up a crowd. Well, you do yell at everyone a lot ... but we love you. Uh? Does Lady Eno get more or less trick or treaters than everyone else on her street?

    And ... did anyone else notice -- if you look at Pamila Payne's doorway and then look away and look back real fast -- you can see her! Honest! I think she's sticking her tongue out or maybe she has a revolver or a knife or a candlestick or a lead pipe. I haven't a clue.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  18. Fun contest, Cathy. I knew I'd get at least one right, but as the gray cells fade, even that becomes less of a certainty. Besides myself (I thought the snowman was a good clue, what with my tendency toward whimsy), I got Mark Keerstetter and Laura Eno through my keen powers of deduction, and Mari Juniper through sheer luck. That just looks like a door Mark would be working on. As to Laura's, it suddenly dawned on me that she really did have a skull, which leads one to worry... a for real Jezebel? Yikes!

  19. Mark - What was WRONG with me? Door Jamb? Excellent! What was I thinking???
    And thanks everyone, for everything. Yup, Kate, I love to yell. I believe you should always do what you're good at!
    I'll be sending 'da bling to a post office of all you winners in the very near future (I'm so excited about it!).

  20. Wow, I got three right? Woot! I was pretty sure about the ones I did get right - Laura's, Pamila's, and...I can't recall the other one, maybe Michael's? Anywho, congrats to Harry! And thanks so much Cathy for doing this contest, it was fun, fun, fun!
    I wonder how many we'd get right if it was our offices, or writing spaces, we did? I'd love to see everyone's anyway. How 'bout it Cathy? hint, hint...

  21. P.S. And yes, that idea just might be the motivation I need to clean my office! :)

  22. Yes, we could all clean our desks with that!

  23. I can't say anything better than Mark's first line. So that's what I say, too.

    Other than, I cannot effin' believe I didn't get the red fez!

  24. Congratulations to Harry. Isn't his alter ego The Puzzler? What kind of outfit goes with that? I love the desk idea for same reason as Laura, it would shame me into tidying up my heaps of research materials and piles of concentrated evil. (Non-creative paper work and bills.)

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