Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Questions


How big’s the universe?
Is it huge like the park?
Is it endless and dark?
Will it fit in my purse?
So why is the sky blue?
Has it always been sad?
Do you think it was bad?
Has it just got the flu?
What’s the meaning of life?
Is there really a God?
Does He care for my bod?
Can She find me a wife?
Is there life after death?
Is it just a long sleep?
Are there worms six feet deep?
Would I have stinky breath?


  1. I loved your poem very much,
    Thank you for your comment which I aprreciated very much.

  2. Awww, a cute little caterpillar to go with your awesome poem. I love your ABBA construction (and no, I don't mean the singing group).

  3. I love this.. makes me think of everyday life with my six-year-old... questions questions questions.

  4. That's a great set of questions, especially the last one!

  5. Love it! Just the sort of way kids carry on with their endless questions - bless 'em!

  6. What a cute and beautiful little poem. A provocative delight!

  7. Great questions and lovely poem, Cathy!

    I have only one answer for you tho. Yes, you'd have a very stinky breath. I know by experience, remember? heh

  8. ah, this is super. love the simplicity and honesty. stinky breath -- that is THE big question. thanks for making me smile. peace...

  9. love the poem! really brightened my day! :)

  10. I love rhyming poems - this one is great!

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