Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4,157 words

No wooting tonight. Too tired to woot.

Still, I got another chapter done. I didn't feel like it, I swear each word was torture tonight, but the Nanowrimo pledge was pushing me forward and I managed to get the daily minimum done.

So far I'm pleased with what I'm writing.

To me it's not about the word count – it's all about continuing to write the very best that I can. The chapter I wrote tonight was a tough one to write and I think tomorrow's chapter will be even tougher. These are hard times for my heroine, the poor beleaguered Weezie Polk. It is, after all, always darkest before the dawn and Weezie's dawn is still a long way off. It's getting closer though. I have hope that soon the tide will turn and I'm getting more excited for her every day.

Get well wishes to the girls in my writing group. Poor Sasha and Dawn are down for the count and dear Paula is nursing her sick husband back from a frightening health ordeal. Linda is the only one of us currently joining me in this Nanowrimo insanity and I thank my stars that she is. Linda is ball of positive energy and the more I know her, the more I appreciate her. Take care Paula, Dawn and Sasha and good writing vibes to the unstoppable Mizz Linda.

I'd also like to say thank you to my other bloggy friends who pop by occasionally with cheery words of encouragement. It's fantastic to have you in my corner.

Kisses to you all.

P.S. My bloggy friend Denise (better known to you all as L'Aussie Writer) kindly asked me to guest over at her Romantic Friday Writers website. The topic was Friday Flash and, even though I haven't written a Flash for some time, there's nothing that warms my heart more. You can check it out HERE. Thanks Denise! Such an honour!


  1. Hi Cathy! It was an honour to host you at RomanticFridayWriters.

    Great the way your novel is going. Well to write that breakout novel your poos Weezie will to be beleaguered outta her little mind! My progress is like walking through molasses ATM. Usually I'm like a racehorse bursting out of the gates - this NaNo I'm just limping forward. Hopefully my rider will find me soon and crack the whip! (It was the Melbourne Cup in Oz yesterday, the biggest racing event of the year. I'm still into horsey metaphors!)


  2. You're still on target -- keep going!

    And yes, the volume is not so important as the quality. Even though my own quality and word count is pretty abysmal. But... I am enjoying that my head is starting to wrap around the glimmerings of a new project. And that makes me happy!

    Good luck today. Tough scenes make me the happiest when they're drafted out. Peace...

  3. Look at you. You're a ball of fire. I'm so excited that you are getting this done, and that you're pleased with what you've written. That's always the toughest part of Nano - actually writing words that matter.

    I hope I'm not bothering you while I stand here in the corner, waving my pom poms.

  4. Stay away from the germie ones girl!

  5. Nothing beats a good horsey metaphor, Denise! Keep slogging. You'll find your whip and your groove. (Hmmm... and doesn't that sound interesting. Thanks again for the guest post and nice editing work!

  6. Linda, I seriously doubt the quality of your writing is abysmal although I understand how you can feel that way – I can the Queen of that feeling. Keep up the good work! I'm cheering for you!

  7. Laurita, I was wondering what that shadow in the corner was but am vastly relieved to know it's only Newfoundland's most fabulous scary story writer! Hey, could you put on some coffee? Y'know, if you're just standing there and all... I know from experience you make it goooooood.

  8. Delores, I am trying (rubbing myself down with hand sanitizer as I speak...)


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