Wednesday, April 17, 2013

J is for Jocular

I just snarfed down the most exquisite toasted coconut doughnut, I've got a large coffee half gone at my elbow and I'm sucking back the free wi-fi at Timmy's in Cold Lake, Alberta.

In a word, I am jocular.

Oh, J is also for Joke. A most hilarious and awesome waitress at Denny's in Edmonton said, "Wanna hear a joke?"

We nodded.

"Whaddya get when you cross a turtle with Viagra?"

Before we could guess she leaned forward on our table and whispered, "A slow poke."

Yes, there's still snow here. They don't call it Cold Lake for nuttin.


  1. Snow. Ugh. That donut sounds yummy and you should post that joke on FB. lol

  2. And I do like the look of that lake, but of course I'm silly that way.

  3. Ha ha ha! I'll have to tell the tortoises that one. :)

  4. The joke is bad - but looks better than the donut. Not an addiction I ever acquired. Glad that you are jocular though. Very glad.

  5. Oh I have yet to meet a donut I haven't liked!

  6. Not too bad a joke. Donut's even better. And in Cold Lake, remember: be cool but stay warm.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting


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