Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hershey's OK

We went visiting tonight, me 'n Dave.
Popped around at Hershey's house to see how the old girl was faring.
I was afraid, I must admit, to even ask how she was... I mean, three-and-a-half days in the frigid Muskoka River would be enough to fell the best of us.
But not 15-year-old Hershey, who is slowly recovering.
Her owner says the chocolate lab is having a hard time walking, but being a senior citizen, she was already having trouble putting one paw in front of the other.
Since being pulled from the water Sunday afternoon, Hershey has spent most of her time wrapped in blankets in front of the fire. Everyone is treating her with extra kindness and the old sweetie-pie is evidently lapping it up.
Meanwhile, Super Dave Webster continues to be the hero du jour. Today he was interviewed for The Weekender, Muskoka's Friday newspaper, by all-star reporter Karen Longwell. To check it out, visit here. It should be posted by Saturday.

P.S. I think Siobhan, Crystal and Casey rocked the American Idol house tonight. The rest? Meh.

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  1. I'm glad you posted an update on Hershey. I've been worried about her. I was wondering if she got some frostbite on her paws. Can't believe she is 15! My last lab made it to 13 and she had trouble walking at the end of her time, so I understand how Hershey became stuck. A younger dog, like Lucy for example, would have bounced out.
    Since your encounter with Hershey, each time we go out we scan creeks and rivers checking for stuck pets!
    That Dave of yours .... Super Hero!


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