Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Cold is the Human Heart

Pussywillow beauty blossoms in our front yard.

ANGER HAS HAUNTED me these last few days.
And I am exhausted by its presence.
I am angry at how callous people are in the name of duty. How they can shut off the human decency part of their personality and become robots. How they can greet someone warmly and then substantially alter that person's life negatively in the breadth of one sentence. And then carry on smiling, pretending nothing ever happened.
Their reasons may be sound, but their reasons mean nothing to me.
I only understand that they have revealed two sides to their personality and the fact that one side can be so cold forces me to mistrust everything about them.
This is a fact of life, you say.
This is a how the world works.
Well, I am here to tell you, right now, this is not how the world should work.
The world needs to change.
And I need to stop being angry.


  1. Its not how the world works .. but its how some humans work, and its sounds like you've encountered someone with some issues.

  2. Wow. I suspected something more than fatigue.
    Anger consumes. You have to let go of it. It's not you. Someone has done bad by you and I am sorry to hear that. I am so oblivious to what happens around me in my little corner with my back to the world. I would hope if I have ever done or said anything to upset you, you would tell me.
    LOVE the pussy willow picture.
    The menu for Saturday is still as planned with 5 boys in the mix. I look forward to some long overdue fun time. We all need some serious laughing. Hugs

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  4. Out of all the people in my life I value you the most. I hate that this happened to you, so who's ass do I kick??

    (last comment was removed due to some spelling errors, It's late I'm tired)

  5. I long time ago I had a situation at a place I worked and my Boss said, "Don't take it personally, its business"... and I said, "... but I take everything personally, thats who I am".

    I think I still take most things personally ... but I am a little better at ignoring attention seekers and aggressive ladder climbers in the workplace ... I haven't gotten hard ... I just got old.

  6. The only thing I have achieved with age is the ability to cry on cue. Ask Cathy about it. She is the Puppet Master. LOL


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