Saturday, March 6, 2010

Torn Between Two Lovers

ON ONE HAND I have people saying to me, "Is everything OK? You haven't been blogging lately. Miss you! Hugs."
On the other hand I have Dave not saying that I'm spending too much time on the computer.
He would never say anything outright because he's sweet and adorable and he knows this blogging-thing makes me deliriously happy. But I know he's a trifle pouted because he spends a lot of time by himself with his bottom lip pooched out.
Tonight, even though I wanted desperately to read some flash because I was away from the computer all day, I snuggled up to my beloved on the couch for some quality Saturday night TV time. 
Even though the movie was lame (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), I persevered, occasionally thinking I'd rather be blogging but, hey, if Dave could watch it, I could watch it. So I did. And he did. And all was fine.
Until he snored.
"Are you actually asleep?" I asked.
"Huh?" said Dave sleepily. 
"Asleep. Were you?"
"I was. I think," Dave said.
I rolled my eyes. "Go to bed," I said. "Go."
And there he went.
And here I am.

P.S. Spring is springing on the Muskoka River. I took this photo yesterday, thrilled to see the ice is breaking up. On a lake, the ice almost always lingers when the snow on the ground is long gone. On a river, the ice is gone when the snowbanks are high and result is just as pretty as the picture you see before you. Today I got a little sunburn on my cheeks, that's how beautiful the weather was. If you want to be jealous of my beautiful corner of the world, click on the photo to make it larger (the photo, not the world).

P.S.S. I am happy for my friends tonight. Paula Boon is performing in a musical. Mark has overcome self-doubt to post another great story for fridayflash. Lynda is excited about her new camera. Bonnie's two dogs are both expecting. Tammy looks unbelievable in the dress she will wear to my wedding. CJ is girlishly giggly because her good friend is visiting from out of town. Vic is recovering from her dental surgery and has very good drugs. Leah is happy because she is always happy. Dave is snoring gently in the next room. I send them all my love and good wishes and count myself lucky to be their friends.


  1. Well yes, if you don't mind mouse turds, no running water and no heat!

  2. thanks for your support .... my only regret is that I had this great description of a spring day in early march that I cut out of the flash ... now I need to find a new flash to use it in, you're welcome to it if you like
    The Day that Morton went out was a warm day in early March, the sort of day that presented itself as an overture to spring. A day when the air was fresh with the smell of thawing earth, emulsified road salt and the boldness of a brave crocus.

  3. Beautifully written, was a day just like that... yes, it would have been nice if you had included it, but maybe you can change the Morton name and come up with something brand new. Seeing you write makes me very happy.

  4. You live amidst beauty, Cathy - that is a stunning photograph! Also, good choice to spend time with Dave - flash comes and goes, but good friends...

  5. Seems you are feeling that you may have BAD. Blogging Addiction Disorder. If it makes you feel any better in terms of being addicted to a social medium, Blogging has to be the best.
    I mean, Twitterers are addicted to one or two word entries. "Clipping toenails." Ewwww, I say.
    Then there are Facebookies whom have often been referred to as narcissistic. They post a symbol "In a dark mood" with no further explanation and then upload a shadowy picture of themselves reminiscent of one of the Beatles first albums, you know, the black and white one.
    But Bloggers, they are verbose, eloquent and well, just plain interesting. Bloggers can also stalk, be voyeuristic and anonymous.
    Fortunately, there are self help blogs for those who feel bad about having BAD. How good is that?
    So Cathy, Dave just has to understand your addiction. He can join Blog-annon. Heck, he could even start his own 'Blogger Windowers Blog'.
    We all love your posts. So just keep giving us a little one. Maybe every other day. Just a taste? Come on. It won't hurt. Just a little? Please?

  6. Simon: so nice to see you on a non-flash day! Wowsers! And you're right...
    Deb: HA! Aren't you the funny one tonight! Yes, us bloggers are verbose, eloquent and interesting, of course we are!
    I seriously think we need a blogger's club around here. Some kind of grammatical koffee klatch.
    Oh, signed up Bootcamp for Blog-anon today... he says the coffee there sucks.

  7. Thanks, m'dear! And congratulations on selling the house.


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